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I second Cheryl K. Replacing it once a week is pretty standard, sometimes more frequently. Either way, it certainly has to be allowed to dry out completely!

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1/7/09 12:53 PM

I am an interior designer, just starting out on my own, in Minneapolis, and would love to help you out! I specialize in maximum use of minimum spaces, and am very passionate about sustainability! Sounds like we'd be a great fit:)

Email me, and we can share some more info:


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1/6/09 07:40 PM

Seems like a very warm, lovely place to live. Nice job!

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12/17/08 11:36 AM

A few years ago, there was this great little coffee shop in my hometown. I worked there for a little while, and for a long time it was pretty much my second home. As it was for so many of us who "didn't belong" (which is easy, considering most of the community was either rich enough to own a lake home, or the type who liked race cars and snowmobiling), we always had each other.

Most holidays, at least Thanksgivings, the owners would have the coffee shop open for those of us who either didn't have family, or needed to get away from family. For most of us regulars, it was a nice place to be with familiar people, who weren't familial.

I miss my coffee shop.

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12/16/08 06:50 PM


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12/16/08 06:40 PM

Love, love, love. This is such a warm and happy home. Thank you for sharing:)

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12/16/08 02:32 PM

Yes, yes and yes! I love the gallery idea, the black and white, and that girl's use of the stairwell wall for pictures. And, I've always thought that pictures of a couple should go in the bedroom. It's for you to enjoy, and if others want to see pictures of the special day, they can request copies. From a Feng Shui standpoint, it's auspicious to have not only paired items, but also pictures of you and your spouse in the bedroom you share. Brings luck to your relationship. What a great way to start a marriage!

Pictures, in general, can get fussy, so I've put mine in our tiny hallway, arranged around doors and doorways for a sort of gallery appeal.

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12/3/08 03:54 PM

True Tex: though you may not know the cold of Minnesota (and, the depressive qualities of dark setting in at 5:00pm), you are more than familiar with humidity than I. Though ours is not as bad, I agree with you: the humidity makes me never want to do anything in the Summer! I just feel disgusting, all sweaty and sticky all the time.

As far as Winter goes, though, I am one who has just in the last few years embraced the season. Where it used to be just a miserable, cold time of year, it's now a time, to be calm and reflect - to go "inside" myself. But also just to be inside my warm apartment with an excuse (it's just too cold to be anywhere else!), just sitting around drinking tea and reading a good book. There's nothing like the reflective qualities of snow, so I think it's key to have that visual to take advantage of the daytime light, therefor lots of windows is helpful.

This Winter, for me, also means taking on new things. I'm focusing more on the aesthetic and function of my home, trying my hand at sewing, teaching a friend how to cook and that same friend is teaching me to play piano(we'll see). It's a time to take advantage of being inside and being close to those you love!

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12/3/08 03:29 PM

Some interesting ideas, but for the most part this space seems very chaotic.

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12/3/08 12:55 PM

Daily Nuance: you've probably never heard of an articifial tree either. I know I haven't. Don't these people have automatic spell check?

On subject: I agree with Lisa Hunter and ottawawinter. I just did a little research, myself, as I was a little confused as to which would be better, environmentally. I won't feel bad for supporting a local farm and getting a real tree, as long as I know it has purpose during and after its life.

Folks should really do the research before stating such a strong opinion as was that first comment.

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12/3/08 12:50 PM

I'm with d-love. That stuff is just strange to me.

And, yuck is right.

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11/14/08 07:12 PM

I wonder how this building compares to others around it. How does "your" apartment look from across the street?

I think the incandescent/fluorescent could be the explanation, or just more/less lighting.

Of course the first floor looks warmer and more welcoming, regardless of type or quantity, but I've always preferred yellow light to white as well.

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11/14/08 03:23 PM

No. Not Blueprint AND Domino!

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11/13/08 10:32 PM

I like the idea of the TV moving to the window wall, and it would be a great opportunity to get rid of that low lying, uninspiring piece you now have. Perhaps something that covers up the TV when not in use...? And, yes, hang the mirror over the desk. It's not doing any good split between the two "areas". If the desk has to stay, make the area neat, functional and nice to look at.

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11/13/08 02:42 PM

Oh no. These things should be kept separate, in my opinion. I know people who wonder why they don't sleep well, who just happen to also be TV watchers and internet surfers right up until lights off and eyes closed. These folks are also less likely to eat breakfast (or are in such a mad dash in the morning that they don't have time), drink lots and lots of coffee or Diet Coke (or both), and just can't seem to "get it together".

I'm not judging..just putting two and two together.

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11/12/08 07:45 PM

This is just silly. Especially with the table.

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11/12/08 01:39 PM

Me too met too!!! This is exactly the color I've been looking for....

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11/12/08 08:38 AM

I DREAM of being this neat and orderly. Absolutely wonderful use of space! The chairs are awkward, but apparently they work for her.

ooh_food: I believe the plant is amaranthus. I've always loved that plant!

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11/12/08 07:47 AM

I've done the "plopping" thing with a large group. It turned out to be the funnest, most intimate "dinner party". It was actually a Winter Solstice gathering, and I was living in a fairly small apartment. My table was set up in the kitchen with food and drinks, and everyone found a seat on the sofa, in a chair, or on a cushion on the floor in the living room. I have very fond memories of a wonderful winter soup (that had stewed all day), homemade bread, lots of wine and candlelight, and more stories and laughter than any one evening should be allowed. It was truly magical...

Sorry, got wrapped up in the memory. Just saying: small or large, the right people in the space and some good food and spirits, and you've got a recipe for success.

Oh, and yes, clean as you go! Nobody wants the next day of washing dishes for three hours to be the memory that sticks.

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11/11/08 05:44 PM

Having just got married myself, and only having an online registry at Gaiam (a lot of older folks don't really get how to do that), we recommended some local places on our website where we'd love(and USE) gift cards. Doesn't seem really personal, but we were all about getting stuff we'd actually use. As a bride, I would've totally been okay with the following:

Not terribly personal: A "green" cleaning kit; plants(!).

More personal: Help stock their kitchen cupboard with things you know they like. For instance, their favorite coffees, wines, crackers, etc.

And, even more personal: A (sensual) game for couples...? This one is quite personal, and you'd have to know the couple well enough to know if they'd actually play it..and not be insulted by your graciousness ;-)

One gift we received, that was unexpected but we're definitely looking forward to using, is a couples' massage. One of my favorite gifts (a gift to me from my best friend) was an Aveda gift box with a robe, candle, and many wonderful Aveda products - you could give a couple getting married a box each!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | In a Pinch: Anyone Have Any Wedding Gift Ideas?
11/10/08 12:29 PM