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Congratulations from Madrid (Spain)! It,s lovely...I ,m not so creative, the colors, it,s beautiful and has a lot of light, bright! Muy bonita.

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12/4/08 01:36 PM


Here in Madrid (Spain) apartments are a little more cheaper but not so much in the center, and we haven,t that view, only in photos in the wall. It,s a very bright place, and have nice views and it,s in NY, the best place in the world....

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9/17/08 11:41 AM

I have no words to say Maria how like me her home! I like the colours, the mix, the sun is at home, the light, it seem to be fresh. María, you seem to be a very happy person. I like a lot the paper with "i don,t talk", a punismet in the school? Sorry because my english is no to so good.
Well done it,s perfect!

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4/3/08 08:19 AM

I live in Madrid, Spain, and it,s so strange to see a show like that. What exciting to live in LA! Like in films!

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4/3/08 07:56 AM

Congratulations from Spain! I like so much your studio.
Well done!


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4/3/08 07:35 AM

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Here in Spain a bottle of extra olive oil cost 4 €, one liter. But there are some kinds of extra olive oil that cost 3 € a bottle for 300 gr. I notice the difference, and if you like to have in your breakfast coffe with bread toast with olive oil, you must buy extra olive oil. In Spain, in south it is typical to have for breakfast bread toast with olive oil.

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3/24/08 02:06 AM