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Yes! Storage colonic. I fell over.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Spring Cleaning In Full Effect
4/14/08 06:30 PM

PhillyLass. Although I love it, I can't take credit for the living area wall color. It was already painted when we moved in. I was told the wall color is Linen White by Benjamin Moore. It really looks great with the nice glossy white trim.

As far as cleaning the flokati... I wouldn't recommend a vaccum cleaner on it. I had this little handheld vac that I would use to pick up visible debris. As far as just plain dust- I would actually sweep the rug with one of those old school hard bristle brooms and then just vaccum off the dust from the hard wood floor. Also, it was good to lift up the rug, move it, and sweep underneath it. It sounds complicated but it was really quite easy.

Anne- It's funny that you mention the TV's position because when I pulled up this photo I was like "hum that's weird". But, I do remember trying to take the pic and then moving the TV to face the camera so that you could see the front and not the back. So the TV was "posing" for the picture. It actually sat facing the couch.

JMK- I foud this TV at the Ark (thrift store) on Lincoln. It was like $20 bucks. Maybe you can find one on e-bay. I'll let you know the manufacturer as soon as I find it and it gets unpacked!

Side note- J is happy about the great response to the dining area set-up in the turret. This was his favorite set up, but I made him move it so we could put the couch there. Although he won't say it, I know he feels like this is a little personal victory for him in the old "him vs. her decorating battle".

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI House Tour: Glorily and Jeremy's Evolving Wicker Park Victorian
3/24/08 09:55 AM

That tile. The bentwood chairs. The tablecloth. Oh my.
I just want to sit there and drink wine and talk with a good friend for hours and hours.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Close-Up!: Diana's Blue Ceiling
3/21/08 07:58 PM

Hello everyone and thank you for the encouraging comments.

To answer a few questions: The place is on Hoyne and Schiller.

Yes there was a swimming pool. It was above ground , but it was still fun when it was clean (and even a few times when it wasn't...yuck).

The bedroom color was Rock City by American Pride. It is a zero VOC/low odor paint from Greenmaker Building Supply on Pulaski.

The leaves on the dinning room table are actually fig branches. I think we got them at the Wicker Park Farmer's Market.

The flokati rug was a gift from a friend who did not want it anymore.. score! I think her mother got it in Greece in the 80s.

The hanging light above the dinning table and sitting area was made by Jeremy with socket splitters and night-light bulbs from Home Depot.

And sfsilvia, the table is from IKEA and has served us well over the years. It still looks good and is quite durable. At $145 it was well worth it.

Again, thank you for all of your comments. Looking forward to seeing more CHI house tours soon!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI House Tour: Glorily and Jeremy's Evolving Wicker Park Victorian
3/21/08 12:09 AM

Yes goodnightdean, I agree. It seems like too many recent "House Tours" have been from a mag and more than a little fancy. I love AT but I miss me some of the AT House Tours of old. They are the reason I became addicted to AT in the 1st place...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Decatur Island CompoundWestern Interiors Design: April-May 2008
3/19/08 10:44 AM