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Than you AT I needed to be reminded. I really did.
Thanks, keep up with these type of posts we all can use some help to remind us to slow down breath and be still.

Tips for Creating a Mindful Home
1/30/13 02:20 AM

Thank you so much for this post. it's I think inspirational, and brings a smile to my face by reading all the positive comments. I'm grateful for my small condo I feel blessed to own it and I love what I've done with it as small as it is. AT has helped me learn how to furnish and decorate it. I feel happy to come home #1 my kitties are waiting for me and because its so cozy my apartment,but you are right
I'm happier when I walk in and find there are no dirty dishes on the sink.
Alicia, they have those signs at Ross and Marshalls for about $9.00
they have different ones like hello,smile etc.

Step by Step: Simple Ways to Start Creating Your Own Happiness at Home
1/30/13 02:01 AM

are six pictures too small a number to call it a gallery? they are different sizes.

Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall:
10 Funky New Ideas

1/14/13 11:42 PM

I just did a gallery wall, I didn't know how many people did this! at first, I thought it may look too crowded because I have a small studio,but I really like it! I have six pictures that I've been collecting, finds at a Salvation army store and a wall clock I bought at ikea. They all seemed to belong together. love it!

Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall:
10 Funky New Ideas

1/14/13 11:38 PM

I meant sunlight, natural light.

\"You Always Need a Wall\": Distilling a Home Down to the Essentials
1/10/13 03:08 AM

my cats take #1 in my list,next my plants and light ,everything else is icing on the cake which I'm super thankful for having.

\"You Always Need a Wall\": Distilling a Home Down to the Essentials
1/10/13 03:04 AM

Great idea!
for those worry about drilling holes on your walls, don't! I saw a commercial on TV about these hangers you can get for pictures no holes needed, you don't have to damage your walls, they are easy to remove and don't leave a mark behind either. I wish I could remember the name right now :(
Has any one else seen the commercial?

Day 6: Choose a Piece of Artwork & Get Going on Framing It Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/10/13 02:27 AM

wow!!! the best!!
what a fantastic job!! thank you so much for sharing your amazing home with us :)

Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/7/13 08:19 PM

What does the poang chair look like ? I'm going to look look it up in the ikea catalog.
Im curious to see what it looks like sounds confy.
It is such a good feeling, to clean out to make our place less crowded and at the same time
find some one else can benefit from the stuff you no longer need or want. I found that it is easier to let go of things when you know where they are going,and that they will be appreciate it and put to use.

Day 4: 10 Minutes Critiquing My
Living Room
Liveblogging the January Cure

1/7/13 06:07 PM

I love the gossip chair too! I didn't know that it had a name. I almost bought one at my favorite salvation store here in San Bruno California,but I don't have the room for it
I love your cat he is a beauty ! I have two fur balls of my own. love them to death.
looks like he may miss the chair ones is gone,but can I have it :)
my outbox is full now. a friend is going to take some of its contents. can't wait !
I will probably refill it ones is empty.

Day 4: 10 Minutes Critiquing My
Living Room
Liveblogging the January Cure

1/7/13 05:39 PM

love,love the colors. Happy place. love your kitchen

Christine's Color & Clean Design Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 02:17 AM

I would have like to see what you have done with the bathroom and kitchen to fairly rate your home. I love your table.

Suzi's Change of Pace Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 02:10 AM

Where are the windows from the before picture?. I feel they should have been kept as they were. In my opinion,. it gave the room elegance I also would have kept the plant. otherwise good job.

Before & After: From 1991 to 21st Century Dining Room
1/16/12 10:55 PM

My bed is the only new piece of furniture I own
all my other furniture I have purchased from a friend that owns a antique store and from The salvation Army Thrift store. I had to go back a few times but it was fun, and I found some great furniture and love every piece I got. just don't forget to be patient and think GREEN
Good luck and have a Happy New Year !!

See Ya Later Ikea: Out with the New & In with the Old
1/5/12 03:35 AM

wow! great job

Before & After: Emily Dresses Up Her Hearth & Home

1/5/12 02:49 AM

don't know what to say, I LOVE IT!! Sarah
everything you have done is just perfect!!
You can come over to SF to decorate my studio anytime!! We'll just change the color of the couch. I have pets. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home
House Tour

1/5/12 02:09 AM

very nice! good job. love the black wall.

Anna's "Midnight Dream" Room
11/13/11 06:26 PM

I like this room,love the colors. The only thing I would change would be the cow rug. maybe an orange one with texture.

Debbie's "Dramatic Sky" Living Room
11/13/11 06:21 PM

I love the colors the blues with the grays love them,but I need to see more of the rooms. I call it House Tour please. Question, How in the world did my little girl Sassy get to your home? (cat)

Brian's "Paris Rain" Room
11/12/11 02:52 PM

I'm really liking the gray. love what you've done to this place so far. I'm not a designer but I feel some unique type of chandelier over the dinning table would look great.Great job!!

Calli's "Second Hand Hues" Room
11/12/11 02:43 PM