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I'm a sucker for 80's movies when it comes to having outdoor viewings/get togethers:

"RAD" - BMX movie starring Lori Loughlin and Talia Shire

"Thrasin'" - Skateboarding flick staring a young Josh Brolin

"Real Genius" - College nerd comedy starring Val Kilmer

"The Goonies" - Come on...nobody has suggested this yet? Shame!

"The Wizard" - Shameless Nintendo infomercial staring Fred Savage and the great Jenny Lewis (of hipster band Rilo Kiley!). Also look for a spilt second cameo by a mullet headed little Tobey Maguire.

Movies like these make it easy to still be social due to lack of deep meanings or hard to follow complicated plots.

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8/15/09 01:36 AM

What about the couch? Any ideas?

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I'm looking to reupholster a club chair and I love the fabric that you used on your chair in the photo. Any idea on the brand and name of the pattern? Thanks.

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