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Great job on this and all your videos - very inspiring! I shall get to work purging some books. I recently performed a purge for 10% of my vinyl collection, thus I have some empty space on my shelves. Your well-loved vinyl would be in good company here. I have cherished my vinyl (also heavily from the 70s/80s/early 90s), and in the past few years have been the recipient of the collections of family and friends' records - what an adventure! My grandfather's 78s were all meticulously cared for (he even listed dates of cleaning), my mother's 45s are beat-up but an interesting jaunt through 60s folk and rock, my vinyl from the 80s are just like the 80s themselves: an eclectic juxtaposition that is like a music mullet. If you would like your vinyl to come back to life, I can help! The record player here is used every day!

Day 13: Declutter Books or Media
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/9/11 11:35 PM