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Love the gun metal / ocean floor idea and quite jealous - I live in Dublin Ireland where the winter is too long and gray to get away with using dark colors on house exteriors. It would certainly make the door and windows pop. Would probably try and get a digital mock up of it before committing to it though - changing the outdoor paint color is a bit different than changing your mind with a room indoors. Be sure and post an after pic when your done.

Dark Color for Our House?
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11/14/11 07:07 PM

I would agree with k2yhe but take it one step further and remove all the wall fittings. Paint the walls a similar color to the units to make the space feel bigger and then add a simple mirror with a single small shelf underneath it on the wall over the sink. Use the shelf for a nice colored candle or vase to draw the eye to it and add a simple light fitting over the mirror. The towel rail could be placed to the right of the sink unit at a lower level and add a towel that matches the shelf display color. You are lucky that the sink and toilet are fairly neutral though, as the other stuff is much easier to fix / change.

Tiny MCM Bathroom Remodel Ideas?
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11/9/11 07:48 PM