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I have hardwoods throughout my apt. and enjoy the rugless look in summer. A couple of drawbacks to this style are that it changes the "sound" in your house (more hollow) and doesn't dampen any noises from my shoes or the neighbour's stereo. I also find myself wearing house-specific shoes because the floors are so cold on my tootsies. It's easy cleaning with a Swiffer, tho, so there's a tradeoff.

Going Rugless: Bare Floor Inspiration
4/20/11 11:54 AM

I just made myself a reversible duvet cover! Love 'em! I added ties in the inside corners to avoid "the bunch effect": http://darcidoodle-do.blogspot.com/2011/02/blocks-of-sunshine-summer-duvet.html

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
3/9/11 06:48 PM

If you're in the vicinity of an Ikea, these are pretty handy:

Make a loop so your hair dryer can rest off the floor if it doesn't have a "hanging tab".

With this narrow system, you've got extra hooks, too to hang other things from. I've got five of these hung up vertically on a skinny wall in my bathroom that hold all of my accessories.

Suggestions For Hair Dryer Storage In Bathroom?
Good Questions

3/1/11 03:04 PM

This just came up for me recently, too. I'm a neat, organized person, so it wasn't that hard. I just made sure that the bathroom was clean (SO important!), the magazine stacks were tidied and that the candles were at-the-ready. It helps that my apartment's romantic anyway, but seeing it at night for the first time made a pretty fantastic impression. (It also hides the dirt if you're a little messy…)

Dating and Your Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/17/09 05:38 PM

Thanks for sharing your trip, Maxwell! I'm envious and looking forward to seeing more!

Apartment Therapy New York | Inspiration: Our Summer Trip to Italy Florence 1
6/11/09 01:49 PM

Hey gang– this gorgeous space is in Melbourne, Australia, so I bet'cha the plants will be just fine. ;)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: The Potted Balcony Melbourne
6/11/09 01:03 PM

Cassis– My girlfriend said that her counters are epoxy resin, although I know you could use soapstone, too.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Using Science Lab Furniture in the Kitchen
4/30/09 04:28 PM

jfinteriors, I have friends who used just that countertop material in their uber-mod kitchen and they work beautifully! It's def. one of those materials that can take the heat (I couldn't help it) and looks really lovely for a very long time. I recommend it!

After pondering the cute stainless steel kitchen island/kitchen table in one of the small cool categories, I've got questions of comfort. If any of ya'll have one out there, what stools do you pair them with (that have backs and are comfy, not just cute) and what do you do about leg room for said stools? Most of the carts come with shelves for stability and storage, but are they adjustable?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Using Science Lab Furniture in the Kitchen
4/29/09 03:01 PM

Stoftey, I love that you've got the inside scoopage! The lit Obama banner is BRILLIANT. And I love that Casey and Rob are so politically-minded. Oh, and I love the space. And the dogs. And that kitchen cart/table.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Casey Marie's All In One Room Tiny Division #49
4/29/09 02:45 PM

No Josh, you're not alone. I space plan with Excel, too. Love your space! Cozy and stylish!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Josh in NYC's Organized Landscape Little Division #25
4/13/09 06:46 PM

Jay, I've always loved your houses, but I haven't read anywhere about whether you have extra storage space anywhere? Does everything you own truly fit in your teeny-tiny house?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Jay's Tumbleweed House Teeny-tiny Division #13
4/13/09 11:55 AM

I used to use Dr. Bronners for everything body-cleaning related (including mouthwash! Refreshing!), but my hairdresser smacked me over the head with her comb when she found out I was using in my hair. It strips essential oils, not to mention the uber-expensive colours I have her apply. I use Lush's Happy Hippy for everything now, and no more comb-smacking from the stylist!

Apartment Therapy New York | All-Purpose Cleansers for Hair and Body Save Space in the Bathroom and Simplify your Shower
4/13/09 11:51 AM

Excellent use of this eensy space! I love that your furniture isn't so aggressively large, but you managed to fit a lot of it in there! Love, love, love the art!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Zach's Miami Loft Ladder Tiny Division #09
4/7/09 02:05 PM

Just don't buy the Ikea LACK shelves if you want them to hold much – especially books. Even with drywall screws, mine fell off the wall. Grrr.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Bookshelves For My New Green Wall?
1/12/09 04:25 PM

Clear is great! But have ya'll seen the silvery-blue LED small lights? Gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Holiday Lights: All White or Multi-Colored?
12/12/08 01:34 PM

Are the white boxes under the windows heater covers? I'm wondering if you might be able to DIY a built-in look desk there and shift everything else over toward the door?

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: How to Improve Flow in This Small Room?
11/13/08 02:31 PM

Oooh, this is a delicious thread! I've run into it myself. The most recent SO and I found the best solution -- talk about it up front. We divvied up the chores by "you hate doing this most, so I'll do it because I adore you" -- whether it be scrubbing toilets (eew! Him) or making sure that the kitchen is spotless (me) or pairing up the socks after drying 'em (that mountain doesn't sort itself, now, does it?). Just talking about it helped. I like the direct approach.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When Cleanliness Levels Collide Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Roommates
11/5/08 02:43 PM

You are BRAZILLIANT, scmtngirl! Thanks for the tip. I'm SO doing it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Re-Use Vinyl Shower Curtains
10/30/08 02:55 PM

Here you go!

Great idea, btw.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Jumpstart to Green Kit: Give The Gift of Green
9/29/08 02:41 PM

That's a superFUN colour! Go for it! You can always reupholster the chair (Curbly.com) later on if you decide it doesn't work for you.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Can I Add Lime Green Into My Gold-Orange-Brown Color Scheme? Los Angeles
9/29/08 02:38 PM