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I vote for this one!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Inger's Bright, Bold Colors
10/29/08 03:37 PM

This looks like a warm and happy place.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #15: Inger's Bright, Bold Colors
10/17/08 10:39 AM

burn, baby, burn.

I use the self-cleaning feature on a cold night, which is any night since I live on the foggy coast. Right after dinner...so the oven is still warm, I set it to self cleaning. A quick wipe in the morning takes care of the soot.

Works for me. Your mileage may vary.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Survey: How Do You Clean Your Oven?
9/12/08 06:36 AM

I use a mix of products but I'm a recent convert to baking soda and vinegar. Not only did it help with unclogging a drain (ok plunging really helped it)..it cleaned my lightly blackened pot.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Survey: What Kind of Cleaning Products Do You Use?
5/9/08 12:38 PM

The molecular gastronomy demo was excellent. Michael Zbyszyński was a fun speaker...informative and approachable.

FYI: if anyone wants to try...here are the instructions.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Maker Faire: Slow Food, Funnel Cakes and the Secret Eating Society
5/6/08 05:30 PM

can this be done using my broiler instead of a torch? As much as I like the torch, I can't justify the unitasker.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Tip: Getting A Good Caramelized Top On Crème Brûlée
4/25/08 02:02 PM

I was given one as a gift. Interesting idea..but the pancakes came out really thin...not fluffy...the taste was ok. I would not buy it for myself...just seems excessive.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Hot or Not? Organic Batter Blaster
4/2/08 12:37 PM

I love the drawer pull idea but not too wild about the forks. I guess i'm stumped by how to attach the fork to the wall.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Repurposing in Better Homes Gardens
4/2/08 08:20 AM

Ikea has table legs

maybe this one?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Where Can I Get Metal Legs for My Table?
3/18/08 10:24 AM