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Agree with Carol. I used to think this was a brilliant idea, but you still have to lift the pot to drain. Waste of money it seems.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Pot Filler Faucet?
5/23/14 09:54 AM

In May I moved from an apartment with a spacious kitchen to one where if you moved one step in either direction you hit a wall so the microwave was left behind after much consideration. Thawing has been a hassle but it does give me no choice but to plan out meals when I want chicken or meat. Popcorn is now popped in a pot, old school. And everything is reheated by the stove. It was an adjustment after being so reliable but it seems to be working out just fine so far.

Our Microwave Broke: And I Don't Think We're Going Back
1/13/14 02:49 PM

Make the most out of what you have by maybe placing all the tables together in the living room for one long table or do you have the option of renting a table? i would look into that. maybe even serve buffet style? is that an option? no worries bc as longs as theres good food and good friends plus wine youll be fine!

How Can I Make My Tiny Home Ready for a Dinner Party? Good Questions
11/14/13 03:06 PM

lol agreed about Mariah! No party is complete without that song

Ultimate Holiday Party Playlist:
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11/14/13 03:02 PM

hahahah ecandle96 I have the same problem! I think of such great hiding spots and then when the jewelry is needed, I can't find it.

8 Secret Spots to Hide Valuables at Home
6/17/13 01:34 PM

my sisters wedding in New York! Her and my brother in law had thier reception in my parents backyard. Half the party was tented, which was cozy, and the other half was open so you could dance under the stars! It was small and intimate and the food was amazing!! They had all food they loved. Mini chicken sandwiches, burgers, fries and tons of appetizers because lets face it thats everyone favorite part! Instead of a cake they had cupcakes and everyone danced and laughed the entire night! It was truly one of the best weddings! Once the wedding was over, they took a taxi home! It was an amazing night!

Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/12/13 01:43 PM

built ins!! i always dreamed of have a huge hallway where i can put built in book shelves maybe a bench and table. there are so many possibilities for coziness!

Design Ideas for Making the Most of
Extra-Wide, Long Hallway? Good Questions

5/8/13 10:31 AM

I have lived with wood paneling for over 5 years in my house that I bought. Ceiling and walls, even the bathroom! What I did was paint the wood paneling a white color and decorated the rooms like a country cottage. It made the space feel really cozy and works for both summer and winter. In the summer I put up sheer white curtains and in the winter went for deeper colors. Makes the space definitely bearable to live in.

Help with Decor For Wood-Paneled Living Room? Good Questions
4/11/13 09:04 AM

I just love the bed!! Canopy like beds like this one are amazing and I've been thinking about doing this. This would be great for a studio apartment as well.


Sacha's Black & White Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 09:55 AM

I love the idea of a closet! Thats what I would do with that space. Or maybe a library. Add shelves maybe a little table and chair. A nice quiet place to read.

Ideas for Weird Nook in New Loft? Good Questions
10/26/12 10:43 AM

I agree with @kristenwi. Just put a kitchen towel over the appliances and they wont be covered in dust or grime. My problem would be forgetting whats up there! But I love this idea!

Small Kitchen Storage: Put Baskets Above the Cabinets!
9/24/12 09:54 AM

I stay as simple as possible when at home. Summer dresses and kafkans in the summer, which are all like nightgowns, and then simple leggings or sweatpants with a tank or tunic. Im never in shoes and i never wear makeup or have my haoir done but thats just me all the time, even outside the house.

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/19/12 02:43 PM

My fridge gets out of hand a lot. I like to do a clean sweep when I do my fall cleaning and spring cleaning and organize maybe every 3 months.

How To Clean & Organize a Refrigerator
8/23/12 02:24 PM

I agree with all your pros and cons. I have been using a grill pan since I first moved out of my parents house and into an apartment. 9 years later I'm living in a house, but still use my grill pan when it is raining and want to make grilled chicken, veggies or burgers. I hate cleaning the grill pan and always feel it is not clean enough. But I do love that I flip it over and make pancakes and sometimes just griddle a burger.

On the Pros and Cons of Grill Pans
6/14/12 10:19 AM

I actually just redid my old bedroom. I did not move back in but wanted an adult friendly room for my parents guests to stay in. I did pain the room a more neutral color and removed a bunch of "junk" I just had lying around. I kept little details like pictures, books and stuffed animals so I would remember what my room used to look like but I just rearranged some of the furniture to make it guest friendly. Got a new comforter too because I used to have an old quilt and added some more pillows.

Moving Back Home Without Returning to High School Style? Good Questions
6/5/12 09:28 AM

I agree wit HLG22 and am disappointed by hunter's comment. Like @creative license said, dining can be a communal experience, I grew up eating dinner with my family 7 days a week until I moved out at 20, however if you do not have others to dine with why should you forgo a meal just because you don't want to eat alone? That to me is just silly.

Do You Set the Table When Eating Solo? Cooking for One
4/18/12 02:03 PM

I feel your pain! My bathroom is almost identical to this! I am renovating my bathroom soon and will be putting in a stall shower. I know you need a tub but I figure that I can always install one in the master bath when I add an extension, so if you plan on adding more rooms this could be a good idea.

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2/3/12 01:33 PM

yuuuuummmm champagne risotto! its delicious!

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1/10/12 10:09 AM

my family celebrates st. lucy every year. we dont eat any meat, like our holiday lights and eat pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs.

Happy Santa Lucia's Day! Candles & Crowns
12/14/11 10:24 AM

I am in love with this kitchen! it is so bright and homey and so welcoming! The blue might be my favorite blue ever!

Beth's "Cottage in Provence" Room
11/7/11 03:08 PM