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As a sample librarian, podcasts help me stay sane (with no wifi I can't listen to Pandora. There is only so much radio I can take!)

My favs are:
Stuff You Should Know
This American Life
Freakonomics Radio
The Nerdist
BJ Shea's Geek Nation (I live in Seattle and I'm a nerd...)
The Talking Dead

I'm happy to see some stuff I haven't heard of before. I can't wait to try them out!

The Best Podcasts for a Slow Day at Work
10/25/12 03:42 PM

I think the wallpaper is Osborne and Little.

Robyn's "Retro Modern" Room Room for Color Contest
10/16/12 07:45 PM

This made me smile!! I would love to walk into this kitchen every morning! Love it!

Janet's "Summery Citrus" Room Room for Color Contest
10/11/12 03:37 PM

I freakin' LOVE THIS! And I agree, these kids will be cool as hell when they grow up. :)

The Wills' Anything But Ordinary Home House Tour
10/11/12 03:30 PM

Joshua's print isn't sold out. You can get it on his site for $20.

New Art Nouveau: Gloriously Ornate Posters
11/7/11 02:53 PM