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beautiful rug! i think eclecticism and simplicity don't have to be mutually exclusive. i agree with waiting to find stuff you leave. my ideas: a light gold (or champagne color) Moroccan pouf or cushions, lots of plants and maybe even a big tree plant, and something in a not-too-dark wood (side table, shelves, a big floor mirror, picture frames) just to lend an organic touch and add some diversity in materials.

Eclectic, Fun Room with This Rug?
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9/23/11 10:12 AM

thanks for the tips, alicia13z and rexrayfan. i will try those!

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10/28/09 06:23 PM

I have a Grundtal and am afraid that if I tug hard enough on the paper towels (which sit in the Grundtal paper towel holder), it will rip out. Can anyone recommend the right kind of drywall sinker for maximum weight bearing? Not sure I have studs in the right location for the screw holes.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | One IKEA Shelf System, Five Ways
10/26/09 09:09 PM

Great looking bathroom. Can you please tell me where you got the lucite shelf over the toilet?

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3/17/08 10:17 AM