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Bejeweled--call your nearest fabric store and ask. The ladies who run fabric stores know everything about local sewing resources!

Craft Advice from the Pros: 10 Tips for Sewing and Quilting Missouri Star Quilt Company
3/23/14 09:19 PM

Here's a Midwesterner being clueless...how can they be transplants from NYC if they live in Brooklyn?

Penelope & Zack's Minimal, Moody & Modern in Brooklyn House Call
3/23/14 05:56 PM

Love this! Wish I lived close enough to visit. Yay for small sewing businesses.

I'm curious: what are the things resting on the quilting rulers? They look like old-school telephone receivers.

Make*Do*Mend + Drygoods Design in Seattle Creative Workspace Tour
1/11/14 11:17 AM

I am very, very lucky to have recently bought my first house, one which is pretty darn close to being perfect for me. And had I not spent all those years living in places that drove me nuts, I wouldn't have known exactly what I wanted, nor would I be so thankful for what I have now. Hardship can breed gratitude!

Being Grateful About Your Home's (Unfixable) Flaws
1/11/14 10:33 AM

Another deep teal color similar to this: Eddie Bauer by Valspar in Sprig.

Kelly's \"Deep Teal with a Funky Vintage Vibe\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/3/13 08:17 PM

A few more tips:
-Use a seam gauge and an iron to fold over your hem before sewing anything--totally reversible and helps you ensure your hem is even before you stitch

-Seam allowances are marked on the footplate--use these to help you stitch evenly. Better yet, mark the seam allowance line you'll be using for this project--you can buy a little moveable magnet at any fabric store, or just use washi or painters tape--and extend that line off the front and back of the machine so it's easier to see when you have a big piece of fabric on the machine

-Get a seam ripper before you start (one may have come with your machine). Mistakes are a normal part of sewing! Don't be afraid to rip out your stitches and try again.

Good luck! Keep us posted.

Tara's Project Progress: Sewing Practice & Fabric Reveal Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/19/13 06:32 PM

Too much stuff, too overdone for my taste, but thank you, AT, for featuring homes decorated in different styles. Variety is the spice of this site!

Caroline & Sebastian's Bohemian Fairytale House Tour
8/10/13 01:47 PM

One of the joys of living in the Midwest and in a city where shopping secondhand is not yet considered cool: bargains abound. Craigslist, Goodwill, yard sales--seems like I can't turn around without knocking over a great find. Don't know that I've ever gotten anything with a famous label, but my $200 coffee table cost me $15, the high-end lab stool was $2.99, the antique oak rocker with original leather upholstery was $30...I could go on. So much goodness.

You Paid WHAT for That? More Stories of Amazing Secondhand Finds
7/28/13 06:30 PM

I don't understand the argument that shipping is free with Amazon Prime. Doesn't Prime cost $70/year or something?

Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/16/13 08:15 PM

I lived in Austin for nearly a decade. Definitely agree with renting first. I wouldn't say that about every city--some are easier to navigate as newbies. But there *is* an area of Austin you'll fall in love with, and I say it's better to figure out which it is before you commit to a mortgage. Enjoy--it's a wonderful place to live!

Where To Buy in Austin, Texas Area? Good Questions
7/11/13 10:58 PM

Um. Trying hard to focus on the beautiful house in the face of that good-lookin' man....

Dan’s Apartment of Artful Assemblages House Tour
7/11/13 10:50 PM

Hmmm...I wonder how accurate the photo of the original is? I have a small bench (shorter than a settee) that looks VERY similar--near-identical frame, and with similar texture on the fabric. But, it's actually a lovely deep rose with paler rose detail. It looks a lot like this in photos (reads dark red), and is quite beautiful in person.

Before & After: Craigslist Setee Gets a Fresh New Look Home
6/24/13 09:12 PM

I have a barstool just like that! I scored mine at the thrift store for $3, no lie, and I call it my High School Chem Lab chair. Feeling cooler already 'cause I own the same chair as these two hip gents!

Theodore & Matthew's Gingham Cottage House Tour
5/28/13 09:12 PM

Yea, another Indy-ite! Yes, this city is the best for affordable older housing. Love the apartment and the cat tipi. Voted!

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 07:55 PM

Beautiful chair, and such an inviting nook. I'd curl up and read there anytime!

Kate's Reading Nook Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/24/13 05:23 PM

I've recently become enamored with Country Living, after picking up a copy at the dr's office and loving it. Not at all what I'd consider "country," but heavy on the industrial/casual decor vibe, with plenty of hipsterish eating & shopping local suggestions.

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subscription? Good Questions
2/4/13 07:00 PM

Is it just my computer, or does 2010's turquoise look awfully similar to 2012's emerald?

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2013
12/6/12 08:16 PM

I notice that I crave "stuff" a lot more when I'm broke. When I've got some discretionary cash, I'm much more discerning and less likely to buy out of a feeling of Deprivation Desperation. It's odd, and I haven't totally figured out yet what this is about for me.

Idealizing the Unobtainable
11/27/12 05:23 PM

Pottery Barn offers another throw that's even better than the one listed above. It's cable-knit on one side, faux fleece on the other. COMFIEST.BLANKET.EVER.

10 Cuddly Cable Knit Throws
10/24/12 04:58 PM

Could that little girl be any cuter?!

Alyssa's Rainbow Party
10/17/12 05:16 PM