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A HUGE thank you to everyone for your kind words. It means a lot! We're so excited and honored to be featured on Apartment Therapy and we so enjoyed getting to know and hang out with Carolyn for a bit. What a thrill!
@JUBILEE1818 The gray is Behr Sparrow, the orange is Behr Orangeen, & the blue in the bathroom is Behr Cool Dusk. Thanks for asking!
@MISSCYNTHIABELL Painting the armoire is a GREAT idea. We have some other painting projects on the list that we'll get to when the weather warms up. Thanks for the suggestion!
@TWO BALLOONS BLUE Thank you for your suggestions also. We've brainstormed various ideas on sprucing up the cabinets but we're hesitant to put a lot of money into them as we're only renting. The armoire and chest in the living room are definitely more functional pieces. We plan on updating in the future. :)
Thank you, thank you!

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