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Hi everyone,

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions! I have lots of closet space in the room, so I'd like to keep it as a vanity area. I have a small stool to refinish so that's part of the plan. I love the ideas of framing the mirror and painting the space. Its the only part of the room that does not have the high angled ceilings, so I'm somewhat committed to keeping the room color, but didn't think of painting just the vanity area, which is pretty manageable without ladders and the like.

The laminiate is going. I love the idea of dark wood. Would butcher block be too kitchen-ish? Or maybe I'll splurge on a nicer material.

You've given me lots to think about, so thank you!

How To Make Bedroom Vanity Less Bathroom-Like?
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11/4/11 12:08 PM