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It looks beautiful, but the doesn't-light-attract-bugs? thing makes me pause. It would be like keeping your fruit next to your clean plates - fruit flies ahoy.

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6/21/08 08:02 AM

aladywhoknows: In Madison, WI, we call it "Hippie Christmas" when all the college students move out in June and leave all their stuff on the curb. xD

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4/21/08 08:01 PM

Augh, some of these stories are terrifying.

My cat, Sheffield, now recognizes the sound of my alarm clock, and takes it as his cue to start meowing and walking on our faces until we get up and feed him. I wouldn't dream of preventing him from doing this, actually -- I'd probably never get out of bed otherwise.

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4/21/08 09:31 AM

Wow, some of these comments - are you kidding me? Nonsmokers really shouldn't have to deal with smokers' nasty carcinogenic stink just because certain smokers (definitely not all smokers, just a select crappy few) can't be bothered to worry about anyone else but themselves.

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3/16/08 02:20 PM