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It is obvious that most of the people commenting on here do not understand the origin of freezing denim. The fact is that whether you wash the jeans or not, they should still be frozen periodically in order to retain their essence. This is because the arctic denim, the poor creature from which the denim hides are harvested, resides in the frozen arctic region and cannot survive temperatures exceeding 2C. Freezing the jeans is thought to restore the denim hide to its original state. While this practice originated with tanned denim hides, it has recently grown in popularity among owners of blues denim hides. One more thing: Whether you freeze your jeans or not, you should be aware of the plight of the arctic denim. This species is on the path to extinction, and is subject to much cruelty at the hands of denim harvesters. Sadly the plight of the arctic denim has received little coverage in the mainstream media.

How To Clean Your Jeans Without Water (In the Freezer!)
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11/3/11 11:45 AM