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Great table and wonderful details. Love the kitchen ! Every bit of it ! I have the same toaster oven - at least it looks very much like my Sanyo Mr. Toasty from Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Two Architects Create Their Own Home in a 1909 HouseHouse Tour
9/21/12 08:56 PM

charming & comfortable with DIYs to be proud of.

Jefferson and Anna's Colorful Farmhouse House Tour
9/21/12 08:39 PM

I replaced my caulk a few months ago and am much happier. I do clean with vinegar --just take 5 seconds to spritz the areas that invite mold after each shower.

How To Fight Gross Mold and Mildew? Good Questions
9/20/12 06:54 PM

love it. you have what you need to be comfortable, and the style shows through. Love the white brown aqua blue combination. the kitchen is adorable and looks like a place you can really use. you found room for photos and plants --a real home. this is a wonderful home.

Mary Helen and Graeme's Compact, Composed Mix on the Upper East SideHouse Tour
9/20/12 11:00 AM

what Sepher said. exactly.

Foekje Fleur: Porcelain Vases Inspired by Plastic Bottles
9/18/12 06:40 PM

The kitchen is really nicely done --your DIY skills shine in there. Also love the shades for the unusual windows. It's a great house ~ and sweet little Fiesta pieces on the table, and a sweet cat too.

Aaron & Wendy's Mid Century in Mayfair House Tour
9/18/12 03:11 PM

Love it.

A Dramatically Glamorous Bedroom Roommarks
9/14/12 07:56 PM

I bring out a few more lamps, including my special Seasonal Affective Cure Lamp -- also more candles at night .

You're Getting Sleeeeepy…
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9/14/12 03:58 PM

Very spacious. LOVE the kitchen - dining area, it looks so new, like it has not been personalized or used at all yet, but would be a delightful space to relax in & enjoy. the new and old mesh nicely.

Sarah's Contemporary Color in London House Tour
9/14/12 12:22 PM

Darling kitchen as is, but JDad has an idea I like.

How To Make Cookie Cutter Condo Kitchen More Modern? Good Questions
9/14/12 12:17 PM

Love it. elegant grey and cheery lemon. I like painted brick sometimes, and this is one of those times. well done !

Before & After: Erin's Painted House 110 + 2
9/14/12 12:03 PM

a wide drapery installed on the bedroom side, so no curtain rod is seen from the living room. i like the idea of an expedit, too, if you have walking space there.

Temporary Privacy Door Ideas for Arched Doorway? Good Questions
9/14/12 12:01 PM

Great space, great outdoor space, great views ~ and you'd get a nice workout just trotting from room to room. Wish I could see more of the kitchen and try out those bathtubs! Nice artwork, the rope bridge photo looks interesting. There is nothing here to be negative about -- it's truly LUXE and sparkling.

Doug's Glam Triplex in Union Square House Tour
9/12/12 08:57 PM

fun and pretty, too.

Wooden Lightbulb by Ryosuke Fukusada
9/11/12 10:11 PM

the art collection really shines in this colorful, organized space. funloving, casual & well done. so many details to enjoy.

Melyssa & Ted's Colorful Carriage House House Tour
9/11/12 08:42 PM

lovely and calm. you did a great job sifting through the thrift ~ I remembering thrifting in Amsterdam .

Brittni's Amsterdam Apartment on a Budget House Call
9/10/12 06:06 PM

Super space, I love the kitchen, --the whole place has a nice feel to it . You've done well.

Jean's Redesigned Space in Montreal House Call
9/10/12 05:41 PM

Sharing would be okay, but I've had my own bathroom / dressing room for a decade now. All visitors and guests use my husband's bathroom due to location, so I still have to clean both of them.

Couples with Separate Bathrooms
9/10/12 01:01 PM

Love the kitchen and the pull out extra bed. Guessing those awards are for achievement in architecture. I do like the beams -- I'd move in and not change a thing. I'd like the dog, too. The black lamps are great.

Isabelle's Greenest House in Venice House Tour
9/6/12 11:15 PM

Movies I haven't seen before, definitely. Paul Newman's Slapshot is one I could watch again, though.

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9/4/12 05:04 PM