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What a beautiful home and a very efficient use of space, and so cozy! Absolutely lovely, personal, happy, and charming.

Jill & Dan's Lighthearted Home House Tour
12/11/13 01:36 PM

Simple, elegant, and serene - wonderful!

Zoie’s Central London Sanctuary House Tour
11/29/13 01:17 PM

Dinner for one and I won't share. Forget the crackers; I just need a spoon. If I'm home alone, I might not even use the spoon.

Holiday Appetizer Recipe: Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce Recipes from The Kitchn
11/27/13 05:15 PM

The Malinois and Shepherds are such wonderful dogs. It's so wonderful to hear that these keepers give Penny the attention and jobs that she deserves. What a beautiful dog!

At Home With Makoto, Benjamin and Penny the Scout Apartment Therapy Readers & Their Pets
11/25/13 05:29 PM

@Jeoffy: I should have added something like this to my post. As you indicated, there are other ways to show interest in the friendship, which is more important that the pure "reciprocation" of dinner.

Time-Honored Entertaining Tips from
The Vogue Book of Menus and Recipes Vintage Book Review

10/30/13 05:53 PM

As fabulous as that sounds and I do appreciate the effort - that's a lot of work. I'll stick with dunking the dark chocolate squares in the peanut butter jar.

How To Make Peanut Butter Cups Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
10/30/13 04:11 PM

*"but others" should be "by others".

Time-Honored Entertaining Tips from
The Vogue Book of Menus and Recipes Vintage Book Review

10/30/13 04:09 PM

@Birch: I agree with barbara1 - not everyone is in a position to reciprocate all the time. Consider job losses, modest transitional living arrangements that might be poo-pooed but others, general anxiety about entertaining and meeting expectations of a "meal out", or wild work schedules.

My new partner has several friends who appreciate (and seek) fine food, and are knowledgeable about wine. They have invited us for dinner on occasion, but I am intimidated to reciprocate, because we have a limited food budget and think their bar is too high for me to meet. So instead, after a dinner with someone in their home, I send a handwritten thank-you note that details my enjoyment of their company, and the food, if I think they'd appreciate the detailed comments.

I will try to think of our own way of reciprocating. But honestly, spending $100+ on one dinner + wine for four is a bit of a stretch right now, especially when I don't even like to cook (I cook very simply but healthfully).

Thoughts from others appreciated, too.

Time-Honored Entertaining Tips from
The Vogue Book of Menus and Recipes Vintage Book Review

10/30/13 04:08 PM

What a charming space. The mosquito net softens the hard lines and surfaces of your balcony view, and the inside is very cozy. Nicely done.

Elizabeth's Color-Filled Apartment House Tour
10/25/13 12:27 PM

Absolutely lovely. Everything is the right size, and the overall size of the place is perfect. Congratulations on a lovely home.

Whitney and Adam's Live/Work Canal Cottage House Tour
10/22/13 03:39 PM

Maybe I'll try this when I'm in my advanced years ("long in the tooth"?!) and losing my teeth.

Believe: Tooth Fairy Goods
9/11/13 04:29 PM

Ha ha, yes, I have a job (and no kids by choice..and I still have trouble getting all my stuff done in a day!). Truly, I didn't take offense to the comment; to me, it just reads a bit strange when you don't have any context; much like how my comment reads as very sarcastic, though that wasn't my intention (maybe mild sarcasm is what I was aiming for).

I can't imagine living 60 years ago when it was so much harder for women to pursue their own goals and desires. Finding a balance is something that's unique to each family - "fair" is not always "equal". It's good to see how things have changed over the years though, and to see a more fair balance. I can only imagine how much work it all is.

Modern Dad: Holman Wang
6/13/13 02:16 PM

This sounds fantastic! Two of my favourite things combined PLUS something booze-y...why wait until winter?! Sounds like a combination that might be off-putting to many, so the chances of having to share are greatly reduced (like an anchovy, pineapple, and hot-pepper pizza).

Learn to Love: Blue Cheese on Gingersnaps
6/13/13 01:30 PM

I couldn't help but chuckle at "..and a dog to boot" - poor dog! Reminds me of a Garfield bookmark I had as a kid, which read, "Have you kicked your dog today?". Ah, the things that were printed in the 80's...
Dark humor aside, that is a lovely boathouse. It would be lovely to actually live on the boat!

Luxury Living: Drive-in Boathouses HomeLife
6/13/13 12:05 PM

That's right! I like to know that my hours NOT spent at work will be chock full of cleaning up other family members' mess! I wouldn't know what to do with myself otherwise.

Modern Dad: Holman Wang
6/13/13 11:12 AM

Lovely, personalized, and serene. That bathroom sink is beautiful and practical!

Lisa's Homemade Style in Harlem House Call
6/11/13 11:36 AM

The origami and jade tree wedding favors are a lovely idea!

Well Designed Wedding:15 Creative
Seating Arrangement Ideas

6/7/13 03:53 PM

Agreeing that giving a gift to cover the costs is a stupid idea. The point of the gift is to help get them started. If they already have everything, then isn't the idea to share in the celebration their commitment? I don't have a problem giving them a gift, but I'll give only something that I can afford; the gift will not be dictated by the cost to have me as a guest.

A Modern Wedding Registry: 10 Home Tech & Electronics Ideas Under $350
6/7/13 03:01 PM

juliamargaret - WOW, thanks for the Restoration HW colour ideas. Their weathered oak stains look great. I have a beautiful oak pedestal table and 4 Windsor chairs stained in honey-coloured; I'm really tired of it, but the table is so well-made, I hate to get rid of it and I don't want to paint it.

In response to the poster's question:
- Definitely check out the colours at the Restoration HW site - timeless indeed; get your "modern" from the accessories and other pieces in the room
- Clean lines on the table as someone else suggested: a gray, navy, or white linen tablecloth or runner. Lose the tablecloth that's there now.
- Some modern candleholders or bowl on the table - use fruit for the pop of colour, and you can switch it up (limes, or lemons, or oranges)
- Square off the molding on those curio cabinets
- Declutter the cabinets if you have the space to store that stuff elsewhere

What Color Should I Paint My Windsor Chairs? Good Questions
6/7/13 11:45 AM

riffraffa, you're not alone. I recently moved in with my partner; we're both very neat. His 19-yr old daughter stays with us 1/2-time (child of divorce) in the summer when home from uni. She isn't a slob by any means, but I am irritated by even a water glass left on the coffee table, or a couple of bathroom items not put away. I hate that I react that way, it seems petty, but that's how it is right now. And she's awful about turning off lights so I feel like a nag when I remind her.

I have vowed that I will not pick up after her (I never had my own kids), and that after years of parents being lax on her, we have to meet halfway: she needs to kick it up a notch, and I need to relax a little bit; it's an adjustment.

I resent the mess of others because I feel like I have to clean it up because they won't. I'm a work in progress.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/7/13 11:22 AM