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I charge mine to 100% before bed, unplug it and put it into Airplane Mode. Overnight it maybe uses 1% of the battery, and i'm not woken up by emails/texts/updates/etc.

Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Cell Phone Plugged in at Night
1/13/12 12:27 PM

Yes, if this was at someone's house, I would judge the hell out of this. It is completely unnecessary waste. If it's biodegradable and you can toss it in the compost, awesome. But it's probably cheaper to go to a kitchen supply place or IKEA (a white 10" round plate is $3) and invest in 10 plates than buying bamboo dinnerwear.

As someone who entertains a fair amount (and we're talking UFC events, not gala dinners), "easier clean up" is not worth the physical or monetary waste disposable stuff creates.

Where Do You Stand on Disposable Flatware & Plates?
Reader Survey

11/1/11 05:21 PM