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Hi, there. I love the look of this fireplace, and I was headed out to buy the materials to refinish our red brick, when I noticed this comment in the original BDDW post. We're a fairly green family, and we're really concerned about having joint compound close to a heat source. Does anyone know of any alternative materials?

From the original post: "The Dangers Of Joint Compound Joint compound is composed of gypsum or sometimes limestone, polyvinyl acetate, and benzene (the preferred solvent). A natural or synthetic starch is used as a binder and mica, clay, talc or perlite is used as a filler. Ethylene glycol helps to control the drying time. Antibacterial and anti-fungal agents are also added. Many of these substances are known toxins. In a Harvard study done for the EPA, joint compound was found to release as many as 25 volatile organic compounds or VOC's. Six of the compounds they identified are suspected human carcinogens. The picture gets worse because the release of these VOC's into the air of your home increases over time. That's right. Instead of decreasing as you might expect, the vapors were found to increase rather than decrease depending in temperature and humidity conditions. Interestingly, the higher the temperature and humidity the more VOC's released. This means breathing the air in your home may increase your risk of cancer - indefinitely."

Before & After: Molly's Family Room Fireplace Makeover
11/1/11 02:52 PM