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this is a very common solution here in new york. there is no fire hazard with steam pipes. that's one of the great things about them. the hottest the pipe will get is about 210 degrees F which isn't hot enough to start a fire. it can melt some things though.

if the riser is your primary means of heat (ie: no radiator in the room), it will reduce the amount of heat you get--which is often a good thing in some apartment buildings. if you want the heat, you might consider using a thinner rope or not going all the way to the ceiling.

if the heat comes on, there's little risk of mold being a problem. the heat will dry out the rope.

be careful of what the rope is treated with. it can off gas pretty badly as one poster experienced. some natural fibers are treated with petroleum products which smell similar to diesel fuel.

How To: Wrap Your Hot Pipes with Rope
10/29/11 11:03 PM