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I can't believe there's someone on this thread who thinks having parents that own a mid-century house is a bad thing. Nostalgia as a character flaw? That's just wrong. I am here to only praise such nostalgia. We live in a 1950 home (Fullerton, CA)that is one of a kind on our block. We have a collection of over 30 Sunset books from the 40's to the 70's that cover every subject and is an invaluable resource for decorating, inspiration and for providing a sense of NOSTALGIA!

My wife and I admire your efforts to preserve what was original to the house and marry that with your own kitschy-contemporary design style for a perfect mesh. Kudos.

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4/15/10 12:42 AM

Perfect size for the perfect house. Top to bottom.

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1/27/09 05:42 AM


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7/15/08 07:46 PM

Wow oh wow. The time allotments are horrible and totally unrealistic. It gives the editors material for a montage to create even more drama which is the LAST thing a show like this needs. It just needs good honest design. It's hard enough to move furniture and edit things during spring cleaning every year. It's obvious that season 3 is going to be the worst one yet. What's worse is that it forces HGTV executives to "create" a show suitable to the design and personality strengths of the winner of each season. Does the network seriously think they are going to be able to sustain 3 prime time shows from three winners of Design Star and then consider a Season 4???

Apartment Therapy New York | HGTV's Design Star: International Style? Boston
7/3/08 11:00 PM

This show is kind of like Dancing with the Stars in that the "real" competition doesn't really begin until the first two-thirds of the designers are booted. The catfighting, backstabbing and amateurish design are just hooks to get viewers to tune in. That's why the promos are such an important part of the process leaving one begging for more. Don't get suckered into this show until past mid season. I don't mind it but I agree with someone above in that it should be its last season. Does HGTV really think they're going to have 4 seasons of Design Star winner spin-offs each with their own prime time design show???
Yes, please bring back Sarah Richardson!!

Apartment Therapy New York | HGTV Design Star: Haunted LivingBoston
6/25/08 09:09 AM

Jeanice, you're truly inspirational to me because it's so rare to hear about people buying back their childhood home! My childhood home was the coolest 1950's ranch house located 1/2 mile from Disneyland. I spent 21 of the happiest years of my life there. When I was in college my parents came home one day and announced they were moving. I was so distraught I threatened to run away. 17 years later I tracked down the owners and they graciously agreed to let me come back for a tour of the house. It was the most bittersweet and surreal experience of my life. I cried because half of the house was horrifically remodeled and I cried some more because the other half was untouched and left the way I remembered it. I'm obsessed with buying back that house someday and restoring it to it's mid-century glory!

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3/14/08 08:54 PM