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Nice place...different layout.
A floor plan picture would be nice...can't tell real layout with the photos taken.

Bridget & Robert's \"Collected Treasures\" Budget Friendly Loft House Tour
7/19/14 08:48 PM


Before & After: Myrtle Gets More Mighty
6/30/14 02:01 PM

Beautiful home!
Books in window=faded covers!

Emily & Jonnie's Style Collage Apartment House Call
6/24/14 01:46 PM

Beautifully eclectic...bit too much for me.
Love the yard, trailer & bus!

The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake House Tour
6/19/14 01:13 PM this home!

Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft House Tour
6/14/14 02:02 PM

An exquisite English flat...very nice.

RJ's Plaid Pad Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 02:17 PM

Love this space!
Laid out so well...looks much larger.

Sabrina & Greg's Second-Hand Happy Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 02:13 PM


Masha & Colin's Worldly Abode House Tour
5/14/14 02:46 PM

Nice home...despite the placement of both TV's.
Would have been nice to see the kitchen as well.

Victoria & Braden's Contemporary Family Home House Tour
5/10/14 02:39 AM

Thank you for reviewing the font issue.
The above sofas are lovely...but shouldn't smaller = less expensive?

7 Stylish New Traditional Small Scale Sofas Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
5/9/14 01:44 PM

WOW...different but I love it!

Jeff's Texture and Tone Abode House Tour
5/8/14 01:23 PM

Lovely abode!

Austin & Jenny's Sunny LA Loft House Tour
4/25/14 01:37 PM

Love it!!

Lauren's Eclectic San Francisco Apartment House Tour
3/15/14 01:48 PM

Beautiful space...bright and comfy!

Jacqueline's Bright & Airy West Village Studio House Tour
3/14/14 02:27 PM

Charming home...would have liked to see more of it!

Eva and Jason's Charming Craftsman Bungalow House Tour
3/8/14 12:44 PM

WOW...only 400 ft! LOVE this home!

Matt Makes His Tiny Rental into a Home
House Tour

3/1/14 04:46 PM

Fabulous apartment!
The artwork above the loveseat...too distracting for me!

Kelly's Cozy Chic Studio House Tour
3/1/14 12:16 PM

I grew up with dogs...but after going through a divorce I rescued my Willow. I eventually met someone who himself had 2 rescued cats. We lost 2 last year at 21...only 15 yr old Willow remains. Life would never be normal without cats...they remain with you always.

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/22/14 02:15 PM

Major sensory overload...not to mention a really marked up wall come moving time!

Gallery Wall Inspiration: Small Frames, Smaller Pictures
2/18/14 04:06 PM

Perfect home!

Sarah & David's Modern and Sophisticated Brooklyn Home House Tour
2/18/14 02:17 PM