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I have the exact same model, in white (it's cheaper, for some reason). I originally wanted to buy the comparable Cuisinart, but at the store the very informative salesman told me the Magimix is better, not because of the motor, but because of the blades. Quality build is very good for all these high-end models, however the quality of the blades is not. According to him, the KitchenAid mushes instead of cutting, the Cuisinart is a bit better, and the Magimix is the best one by far. I obviously can't compare, but I'm very happy with this machine. I made a spot for it on my counter, where it is always plugged in. I use it almost everyday. It slices and grates beautifully, it is absolutely brilliant at making all types of doughs, and I really like the cuber accessory as well. I cook for two usually.

The negatives: as someone mentioned before, when you use the small bowl, there's a big tendency to get all three dirty. The lid always gets dirty, so if you're using small bowl first, then second and third, you might have to clean the lid mid-way.
I always put all bowls and attachments in the dishwasher, but because the big bowl has a lip extending downwards (to protect the motor from debris, I suppose), it accumulates water there. I always spill this wash-water as I get the thing out of the machine...

The Kitchn Reviews the Magimix by Robot-Coupe 12-Cup Food Processor Product Review
6/9/12 01:22 PM

I agree with Zenagent. It can be really good, so please... reconsider the pirate keys (huh?). Also, I don't see the point of "Downton Abbey" here. If you're doing a house tour of an English mannor, maybe. Otherwise.. it sounds gimmicky - kinda like pirate keys, actually.

Be smart about this, and very matter of factish. I second the time lapse sequences idea, that'd be cool.

Introducing Our New Video Series
Apartment Therapy Videos

5/18/12 10:25 AM

I have a European pet peeve.... because no one bags anything for you here, nor do they give you bags - bring your own, or pay for the bags (which you can then reuse. It's mostly a very good policy). This doesn't trouble me much when I go to the store by myself to buy just a couple of things, but if alone and buying large quantities, chashiers keep scanning everything at warp speed, not allowing time for bagging by one person only, which is so, so annoying because, look at me, I only have two arms. And then they'll look at you, a kind of "I don't have all day" type of look - but do they then actually help out? No. They just keep staring, trying to make it that much more uncomfortable. UGH. I am fine with doing my own bagging, truly, but come on, if you help a little your arms won't come off.

I also hate how cold it is in some supermarkets.

What's Your Grocery Store Pet Peeve? Reader Survey
5/3/12 11:24 AM

Where's the garden? You can't promise a garden apartment and then not show it...

Chelsea's Cozy & Eclectic Garden Apartment House Tour
4/27/12 03:06 AM

There's also the price issue to consider. You can get a cheap 50, but where do you get a cheap 10? That's the sole reason I don't have a 10. I have a Panasonic LX5 for those types of shots (but the quality as compared to my DSLR is really much lower). The LX5 also does HD video, though (quite nicely), and is much easier to transport in certain circumstances. Still, I'd rather have a 10 for my DSLR...

The Difference a Lens Makes Super Photo Magic School
4/8/12 09:23 AM

I agree too many make it look Matrixy and scary. But if you don't go overboard, these are good ideas to take from. I love the idea of paiting just the dome of the lamp - it makes it look so much better!

10 Amazing IKEA Desk Lamp and Task Light Hacks
4/7/12 05:58 AM

This bed is really pretty, and I actually wanted to buy it. But I get why they discontinued it - the quality sucks. It's so flimsy, it's sad. I didn't know there had been a previous encarnation of the Edland. It looks even prettier, actually. Maybe Ikea are working on a new and (truly) improved canopy bed?

The World's Most Popular Bed
4/7/12 04:59 AM

Oh, that painting..!

Margaret & Jill's Lovely Elegant Apartment House Tour
4/7/12 04:43 AM

I love it, and thank you for including pics of yourselves along with the dog. It's so much nicer this way!

Kate's High-Functioning Space Small Cool Contest
4/6/12 12:02 PM

Very good tips here! I especially love the press and seal for paint trays. I hate cleaning those... Thanks!

10 No-Mess Painting Tips Family Handyman
2/28/12 03:26 AM

@TyniHands - Sure, but then you... see the track ;P But yeah, that's what I think it's going to happen in my open kitchen... Ikea tracks with pendant converters. I really wanted another option, but I keep coming up short.

Bright & Energetic: Hanging Pendants in Multiples
2/10/12 04:55 AM

This is really good advice, but I disagree on one point: painting is *always* a messy job. Even for the pros (look at the guy in the cutting in video, all full of paint splatter.) That is why I hate painting, even though the actual painting can be quite relaxing and the end result really fulfilling. But the mess, the cleanup, UGH!

And a wet rag's great, but what about dark colors? I just painted a navy wall, and getting little misshaps off with a rag was a color dragging nightmare. Speaking of which, is there specific advice for painting with dark colors?

5 Essential Tools For Your Next Room Painting Project
2/10/12 04:51 AM

I would not like to be the one who has to clean up that workshop...

Video Alert: How to Make a Lampshade from a Stump

2/9/12 07:09 AM

The issue with this, IMO, is that it's hard to hang them properly without rewiring your ceiling. On almost all these pics you don't see the ceiling. And when you do, there it is, a totally pro job done to accomodate whatever number of pendants. This is more valid the more apart you want to place your pendants. I'd love to see the top of the Ikea lamps, there... Just how do you resolve that with a simple DIY? (That's an actual question. I want to know.)

Bright & Energetic: Hanging Pendants in Multiples
2/9/12 07:02 AM

Gan make some seriously cool rugs, though. I'm totally in love with this one: http://www.gan-rugs.com/coleccion/1/279/palermo/

About the boxes, I can't decide... I think they could look great, but it'd really depend on context.

Painted Wood Storage Crates for the Home
2/8/12 06:55 AM

I really like neon pops, especially in spaces that are painted in dark colours. I love #1. I have a dark/forrest green bedroom, and I'd love to add pops of neon pink. However... Does anyone have tips on convincing the boyfriend? And do all men hate neon? In my group of friends, that's definitely the case. Girls like it (some more than others), but all guys hate it. Odd.

Neon: Back in a Big Way
1/31/12 09:06 AM


Heavy Metal Holiday: Christmas Lights Synced to Slayer
12/12/11 11:35 AM

It's brown. Which specific brown is impossible to tell, specially since there's artificial light in the photos. But it doesn't matter, because now you know you like that color, go to Levis (hi, I'm in Brussels too) and get a few brown color swatches similar to the shade on the pictures, take them to your place, tape them to the wall, and then take a few days looking at them to see which you like best under the different lights (natural in the morning and afternoon, electrical light at night). Perhaps get a friend to do it with you, since you're... color challenged. And then pick the one you like best that that best suits your space.

Good luck!

What Color Is This Wall?
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11/10/11 08:36 AM

I absolutely love that doormat, but the seller (who's in Canada) charges US$77 for the doormat itself, and then US$80 for *shipping costs* to Europe. I really wish buying online were less frustrating for us in the old continent.

Etsy Roundup: Handmade Gifts for the Home
11/4/11 05:42 AM

I really, really love this room (even if I am not a green person myself). I want to see the rest of the house, please!

Mark's "Bold Basics" Room
10/31/11 01:15 PM