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Before & After: Gemma's Under $200 Kitchen Spruce Up
2/6/12 02:54 PM

Nice!!! I am on the brink of my own kitchen the inspiration is awesome!! Brighter colors can be added with accessories....for those that need that!! But it is fresh, clean and totally inspiring! Any advice for the best in cabiniet re-doing?? Oh....and if I didn't mention the sweet would throw all the other posts off...LOL!! Cute!

Before & After: Jenna's Big Kitchen Reno on a Budget
2/6/12 02:47 PM


Before & After: Dresser Goes From College Party to Pretty
2/6/12 02:11 PM

Nice, Nice, Nice!!

Before & After: A Target Lamp Redo
2/2/12 08:28 PM

Well...I just love it!! Nicely done!!

Before & After: Bright Stenciled Dresser
Saved by Suzy

2/2/12 08:27 PM


Before & After: $60 Galley Kitchen Transformation
Circa Dee

1/16/12 10:32 AM

And for the record....I saved a pic of this re-do and the last re-do in my own personal files for future inspiration!! Mark another one to the list of those you HAVE inspired.

After the Before & After: Changing a Project … Again
1/7/12 02:21 PM

I posted on the last re-do and while it was not to my taste...the thing I do LOVE to see is how people create and redo things with colors and features that make THEM happy. I LOVE what you have done to this...because it is YOURS. I really do pull so much inspiration from other peoples creativeness...and this one is included. This should be a keeper. I like the boldness of the red in this one and even the prior re-do and that says alot about your desire to think OUTSIDE the box. Ther are always going to be people who will analyze pieces to bits...throw them to the wind. I have to wonder...HOW MANY people are totally indignant at Antonio Ballatore's "fushia pink" inserts into most of his rooms and who is he....He is HGTV'S own design star and has his VERY OWN SHOW. Me...I love his designs!! Go with your flow Ms Thing....I think in real life you're a real stand-out....go with it in all you do!!! lover!! and hummingbirds DO INDEED share the same space....just sayin ;-)

After the Before & After: Changing a Project … Again
1/7/12 02:15 PM

I really like!! You have taken a rented space (that sometimes comes with limitations as to what you can change) AND a somewhat small place and made it feel just right!! It's also evident that you have chosen decor features that are quite unique and special...especially if most were picked up at re-sale, antique or rummage sales. Well done fellows!! I must say...I too LOVE the "No exit" sign.

Timm & Zack's Rummage-Sale Retro
House Tour

12/12/11 09:52 PM

How annoying are some of your either LIKE it or NOT. I personally do not like it...but some of you do....BUT I am not gonna play "DEBATE CLUB" over a piece, that obviously meant something to the person who created it. Some people like chocolate and some people like vanilla...thats pretty much what makes the world a vivid and fun place. The reason I come to this site is because of the DIVERSITY and UNIQUENESS of ALL of the styles and tastes of those who post. I'm done...enough said...

Before & After: A Chest of Drawers Gets Paper Sourced
Fine Diving

12/11/11 12:04 PM

Beautiful...I LOVE the wood plank wall!!

Betty's Custom Designed Live/Work Home
House Tour

12/2/11 10:26 PM

Wow!! With most people craving bigger spaces, I on the other hand LOVE smaller ones. Your place is cozy, modern and speaks of a "peaceful place". AWESOME!! You moving anytime soon ;-)

Erin & Danny Living Together in Only 500 Square Feet
House Tour

12/2/11 10:17 PM

I love some of your details, but the pics failed to show the big picture. Thats too bad...I would have liked to see how the puzzle pieces fit together:))

Carly & Jason's Cozy, Charismatic & Glamorous Home
House Tour

12/2/11 10:08 PM

Just fresh!! I LOVE your dining table!!

Clint & Lisa's Bold Crayola-Inspired Abode
House Tour

12/2/11 10:00 PM

fantastic!l! love the color and button detail.

Turn an Old Spool into Small Space Seating
11/1/11 09:39 AM


Before & After: Elizabeth's Innovative Reupholstery Project
11/1/11 09:37 AM

She is just beautiful...fat bottom and all ;-D

Before & After: Adding Pattern and Color to a Slipper Chair
Confessions of a DIY-aholic

10/29/11 09:55 PM

I really like this's just so fresh, minimalist and and trendy. Nice.

Cathy's "Always Sunny in Portland" Room
10/27/11 07:11 PM

I am in love with this room!! Classic, yet modern and oh so beautiful colors.

Bryan's "Navy & Camel" Room
10/27/11 07:00 PM

Your room...well it just "feels" good. It's pretty, fun, bright, sweet, happy and beautifully done. I love it!

Jessie's "Lavender Has A Crush On Red" Room
10/27/11 06:53 PM