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This is an absolutely beautiful space. I am still baffled about the space for clothing (I did read about the closet) but I guess in CA, you don't need much that is bulky.

It does have a botique hotel feel, but I love that.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/14/07 10:44 AM

I love the living room. The bathroom is not my style - I can see the cool factor with the pictures, but it doesn't say "clean".

The bedroom totally lost me. That is the one room that you can't outsource to your community.

#2- Jason's World's Largest Smallest
4/14/07 10:34 AM

It's great that you actually show both rooms in your apartment. I also appreciate the angles of the photos represented on your floorplan. Really helps with visualization of the entire space.

I wish that the photos had shown the windowseat that you made.

# 4 - Brandy's Ambidextrous Design
4/14/07 10:26 AM