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I can't believe people actually have Ikea furniture from the 90's! Granted, I have some Ikea furniture, too. BUT, I am not so delusional to think their furniture is great quality!

Before & After(s): 1 Bedroom, 5 Different IKEA Makeovers
12/4/10 04:15 AM

For all the cat owners with cats that scratch.....I use a product called Soft Paws on my cats. They're basically rubber nail tips for cats!!! And, though the concept of applying these to your cats' nails seems scary, believe me, your animal(s) will get used to the process and learn to deal! After i put the nail caps on, to distract my cats from chewing at them, I give them some treats. The nails last about a month until they come off, and then, you just trim their nails and reapply!

A Less Shabby Slipcover Solution?
Good Questions

12/4/10 04:09 AM

Wow, all you people insist on "covering" the cable up...but not really! The RIGHT way is to do as i previously suggested. Channel your walls and "bury" the cable. Ye, it's a little more work...but looks alot better than using IKEA cable channel as quarter round moulding or painting the cable to look like Ivy! How tacky

How To Cover Stapled Cable Wire?
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12/3/10 06:16 PM

The best thing to do....which I did in my to channel out your wall and place the cable in the channel. Then, go over it with joint compound, sand, prime and paint. If your walls are solid plaster you will need a chisel. If they are sheet-rock, you will need a key-hole saw to cut out your channel. When you get to areas where there are studs, just channel out the sheetrock and continue. I am so happy i did this because there is no visible coaxial cable on my walls!

How To Cover Stapled Cable Wire?
Good Questions

12/2/10 04:58 AM

What do you mean by retile?....If you are talking about the floor underneath the vanity.....the whole bathroom floor should be tiling up to the vanity...moisture and water can collect in the area between the tile and the vanity

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5/13/09 04:38 PM