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Holy cow -- this room is so beautifully decorated. The credenza alone should have its own entry. Really beautiful.

Georgia's "Happy Cottage" Room
11/18/11 04:54 PM

I love how the fuzzy seat covers give softness and warmth to the room. Also love the curved wall. Such a lovely, gentle space.

Majken's "Calm Scandinavian" Room
11/18/11 04:51 PM

I love the furnishings and accents, and that blue makes me so happy. You've got a fantastic eye. I hope you're enjoying your home!

Alison's "Vintage-Modern Blue & Grey" Room
11/17/11 10:03 PM

The wall art really makes the space. Well done.

Molly's "Moody Glam" Room
11/17/11 09:59 PM

Cozy and elegant. Really beautifully done.

Evita's "Vintage Panama" Room
11/17/11 09:58 PM

The color set against the wood of the mouldings and kitchen cabinets is so lovely. Me likey.

Anna's "Whimsical Color" Room
11/17/11 09:56 PM

Beautiful blend of old world and modern. Something very Italian-feeling about it. Really love this.

Sara's "Smoke, Citron and Cream" Room
11/16/11 07:30 PM

The link to the store in Marketplace isn't working. Waa!

Mjolk: Pure, Honest, Essential
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11/16/11 05:08 PM

That built-in breakfront buffet is amazing. I love that it's gray, the turquoise dining table is really fab, and the chairs are so cool. You managed to take a few seriously disparate styles and blend them harmoniously.

Lucky you to live in such a great space, and especially lucky you that you were able to conceptualize it.

Charmaine's "Modern Glam" Room
11/16/11 05:07 PM

I love the color, and the accents are lovely. I especially like the delicacy of the chandelier. But the bead board feels out of proportion to the rest of the room, and takes the focus away from the beautiful use of color and creative decorating.

Jackie's "Modern Plumage" Room
11/16/11 04:48 PM

The tree mural is so beautiful. And the green and turquoise accents give me joy. Very well done!

Carrol & Paige's "Classic Gray and Yellow" Room
11/16/11 04:44 PM

That coffee table is amazing, and I love the yellow-green. But the dolls (and their disembodied arms) are freaking me right out.

Rachel's "Retro Mod" Room
11/16/11 04:25 PM

Very cool, and the colors are fab. You really have a fantastic eye! But it's a bit too cluttered for my taste. That's my problem, though -- I'm all about downsizing right now.

Kym's "Culture Fantasy" Room
11/16/11 04:22 PM