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This was a really busy cure weekend for us. We replaced a broken mouse on our computer, and then purchased a small flat screen for our other computer so that we could get rid of the giant monitor that took up most of the desk. we bought dvd and game books so that we could discreetly store our movies and games, and then were able to dispose of the hundreds of awful plastic cases. the book shelf they used to clutter is now a great display space for our things.

My husband and I also spent about five hours purging all useless paper from our apartment. Old bills, junk mail, mementos that no longer carried any weight... i'd say we easily cleared fifty pounds of paper and junk away. the corner where stuff went to die is now spotless and makes me smile every time i look in that direction.

i also cleared out our bathroom after a little inspiration about cleaning out your medicine cabinet that was posted on here. the medicine cabinet seemed like a small task, so i tackled it easily, however i'm terrified of doing our kitchen. it seems like such a mess!

flikr link here, to our mid process photos:

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Spring Cure: Week One - Weekend
3/17/08 06:17 AM

that was easy! i think it took me twenty minutes, and made such a difference. i never noticed that i had six different half used containers of face scrub. or that my husband had seven different deodorants in the cabinet, two of which had never been used.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet
3/14/08 11:59 AM