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I am with Roberto.Foddai. The bathroom does look like something out of the Golden Girls. And you know what, I always thought they had a fabulous house. Maybe just go with it while you can? I can not think of anything that you can do to salvage it otherwise. You cant paint the tile, Replacing the tub you going to have to rip out the tile and that is all renovation. So all you can do are small changes like the towel racks ect. And OMG is that a purple sink basin? Where this green earth would make anyone want a purple sink?

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/13/13 10:03 AM

I found an old steamer trunk about 2 years ago. It was sitting on a pile of garbage out on the side of a free way. I normally would not stop for something like that but i was looking for something to use as a pirate chest. It was for a Halloween party and I could not find a thingy under $500. So I was actually driving back from buying cardboard boxes to make into a pirate chest. It just looked so perfect for what I needed I had to stop. I flung open the top and it was empty a musty smell but nothing inside. I checked for bugs and not a sign. So I took it home. It felt far more heavy than it looked. Long story short I took it to a
antiques dealer. He found the false bottom filled with all sorts of things. There was an antique silver ware set, jewelry, WW2 ration stamps and then some. I got it restored and I still have everything inside of it. I put it all back. I can't bring myself to sell someone else family things. I know thats what they are. But no idea how to find someone who dumped something on the side of a free way.

What's Your Best Curb Find Ever?
8/30/13 11:36 AM

Most boys are not completely potty trained til around 4. You are doing fine.

Readers' Best Potty Training Advice & Tips Reader Intelligence Report
7/30/13 05:57 PM

A sanshin as a carry on. Its a weird instrument. My husband and I play guitar so it wasnt hard to pick up. But we were moving back from Japan and I have a nice one I didnt want to get damaged. The customs guards gave me a weird look when I opened it for them and that was it. I had all my paper work for the snake skin that part of it is made out of so I went on my way.

What's The Craziest Thing You've Ever Flown With?
7/19/13 06:34 PM

Call me old fashion but I like to go into a store and feel,see ect a product before I buy. Hasn't Maxwell ever bought something on Amazon that wasn't quite what he thought it was? I am really into not using commercial cleaners. They have tons of things I can not pronounce, chemicals that could be harmful in large quantities ect. On top of that the manufacturing of some common chemicals in things like dish soap create a toxic by product. Think like Love Canal. I live near the ocean. I love the beach. I don't want to hurt the beach or the fish we eat for dinner that we catch off the pier. So I call it clean cleaning. No extra chemicals. Just borax,vinegar ect. So I tend to use a lot of essential oils. I use them as perfume, cleaning the kitchen in the laundry ect. I ordered some off Amazon that looked real online. They were in the right price range for the good ones too and in dark bottles. But they were fakes that had vegetable oil substituted in them. And the sandalwood smells like ceder. I could have spotted how fake it was in a store with a tester or just buy shaking a bottle.

Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/15/13 11:14 PM

How is this OCD I do all of this. Also I find a sharpie works better in the freezer. The off brand markers tend to freeze so they wont write.

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/15/13 10:55 PM

Yes yes I do. I live three floors up and have wall to wall carpet. I found that a few extra squishy yoga mats help dampen the sound. I even went and asked my neighbors if they could hear me. All they said was they can hear me vacuum in my hallway. Which is kinda good and I dont hear them at all.

Apartment Living: Soundproofing Solutions for the Floor
6/21/13 03:11 PM

I dont think that having the windows in the kitchen facing walls is a bad thing. I have a friend who lives in a town house/ condo type of unit and she can wave to about three neighbors from her kitchen and bedroom windows.(When she showed me one waved back...) So hang some sheer curtains to cover the "view" and to keep it nice and bright. And be thankful its not possible that someone can watch you get dressed. As for a sofa, I would look into something that you can get in pieces like a Karlstad or something. That way she can break it into "chairs" or keep part of it a love seat for the living room and a chair for the bedroom. Something that she could move and would change with the pieces she wants to change out.

First Visit: Floor Plan & Photos of the NYC Apartment Design Diary
6/21/13 03:03 PM

I think some finer points were missed here. #1 everything has a place. My home is not like my moms. There is no Junk drawer here. Everything is labeled when you open it. Like Glue, tape scissors or Batteries size AAA ,AA and C. The label is also always to the left corner. #2 to keep clutter down(and this is huge) if you have not used it in 1 year or don't remember having it do you need it? just sell it or get rid of it #3 keeping holiday decor to a min. I had a really hard time with this since my husband wanted the special Christmas dinner plates ect. Which leads us to #4 when you do buy something don't buy it for just one purpose. All my dishes are now the plain white ones from Ikea. My friends say ick until I use them. I have hot pink napkins for summer which looks nice against white and black place mats for Halloween. I can mix and match as many colors as I need to with them. So I only need one set. Also when I was living over seas I found this great antique chest which servers as a side table and is where I keep all my sewing stuff out of the way. And the most important part with kids #5 As your kids start school that is a whole new awful mess. You have all these papers from the school about this and that. Classes to take from the district, PTA announcements ect ect ect. Then my son gets his finished work for the day and last weeks homework sent back home so I can see how he did. Some of its important, a lot of it is just junk and sometimes you find things you cant part with. Like for Thanksgiving my wrote I am most thankful for my mom because she gives me hugs and hot chocolate. I framed it and put it on my wall. So you have to develop a good system for all the stuff from the school too.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/18/13 07:46 PM

My living room has the same ceiling. You can work with the room or against it. This is what I mean you can do all you can to make the space feel smaller or you can work with how big it is and can feel. You can work with the room by creating small spaces in it that feel cozy. For my living room I have dreaded white walls. Which no other color would really work. Its actually a pinkish white for warmth. And a slightly more yellow white for the ceiling. All the moldings are stark white. So when you walk in my walls extend all the way up giving a very airy feeling. Also when hanging art the whole it should be hung at eye level goes out the window. It will bring in the room better to hang it slightly higher because your eye is automatically drawn up by the pitch of the roof. I would also make a book nook around the fire place or in a corner,add a proper dressing table, add an old fashion dressing station with a nice screen and separate the areas using rugs or placing.
As a human you oddly feel more comfortable in a square space. Dont ask me why so try to make all your spaces little squares. I dont know if that makes sense to you.

Color Ideas for Huge, Vaulted Bedroom? Good Questions
6/11/13 10:29 AM

I have fake bamboo plants. My cats eat the real ones to death. Also so many real house plants are toxic to my pets. I also have a reproduction of a painting by Edmund Leighton Burr over my bed. Which I don't not care if its a design no, no or not. My husband bought me a poster of it on our first date. And its a really romantic painting. The post fell apart years ago and he replaced it with an actual size canvas of it. Which was painted by a friend who has now passed. Its not moving no matter what.......well maybe into the living room. I like it in my bedroom though.

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/9/13 12:13 PM

I know this can be an expensive but you can still do it on the cheap. Change the bedroom as much as you can. Your home is a sanctuary and your bedroom is the sanctuary of the sanctuary. I find it much more easy to focus on re-balancing the bedroom, than the whole house. So Go to pintrest and find something new to do with the walls and art. You dont have to spend alot. Buy new sheets or a new bed set. Change out the old curtains too if you can. Got to a discount store and find a cheap throw rug to put at the edge of the bed. Go to a flea market and find something to add. Just start small and run with it.

Things Fall Apart: Living Alone in a Space After a Breakup
5/20/13 04:02 PM

I have 3 cats and a small home. So I love my DYSON!!!!! It picks up more cat hair than any other vacuum I have ever had. I Also follow the rule, for how ever many cats you have that is the min you have to scoop the cat box a day. That is right I scoop the box a min of 3 times a day. All good reasons to do it. #1 my home doesn't stink #2 cats are picky they dont like full stinky litter boxes so if its full they will poop somewhere else, #3 cats will also hold their waist in trying not to go if the box is to dirty which makes them all pukey #4 I have three cats. I also have what my family calls my stinky kitty. I have taken her to the vet and all they say is she has a strong natural scent. My other two cats not so much but my girl just has that cat smell to the nine. So I went to the groomer next to my vet and got a recommendation for what to do. I cant bathe here every week because it reeks havoc on her skin. So I now use a waterless bath. Its by BIO-Groom. Its a no rinse shampoo. So when she starts to get too stinky I spray this stuff on and wipe it off. That way she is only getting a bath every two months. This is all because her skin gets rashy and red and itchy if I give her a bath more often. But I bet it would work in between baths for dogs and other cats too. I also put my cat box in a back closet that is used for cleaning supplies. So I went to IKEA and go some of there wire baskets and the frames. So I made it so the cat box is under a "shle" at the bottom and I can still use the rest of the closet. The sliding baskets make it easy too. I try not to keep anything that would harm them in there. Oh and I replaced the door with a small sliding bedroom closet door so the cats can slide the door open when they want to.

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets (aka: Don't Be the \"Smelly House Friend\")
5/16/13 02:07 PM

Eh its not so bad. There are ways to use either duck cloth or drop cloth canvas as slip covers. You have to know how to sew or be willing to use no sew glue. Its saved my couch from my son and my cats.

Tips for Avoiding Drawn-On Furniture
5/14/13 09:52 AM

When I first got married, I tried to hang a shelf. I had never hung one before in my life but it didnt look that hard. And my trusty husband was going read me the instructions which he just threw away. I found the studs and screwed in the brackets. Then I placed the shelf board part on top of the bracket. I didnt think to bolt the board to the bracket. So when my husband sent me back up to finish the job, my cat jumped up at the same time. The board and cat went flying and I got a broken nose. I also never go those blood stains out of that couch completely. So lesson learned. Always bolt everything to everything so it doesn't move.

Tell Us: What's Your Biggest DIY Disaster?
5/10/13 01:25 PM

Yeah I finally got to the end of the quiz and it was asking for an address and email and Im like not thanks. I dont need anymore spam.

Where-To-Live Quizzes: Have You Taken One? Did You Follow Its Advice?
4/12/13 12:31 AM

You actually have choices depending on your situation. If you are not underwater on the mortgage you can refinance get down a lower percentage and rent out the unit. You can sell. Or I know this is going to sound really crazy but, get a crib. Find a place for it. And instead of a changing table get one of those door hanging organizers for the common space and crib. Then just get one of those foam changing pads that can slid under the couch ect. I know you see all these nurseries and must haves. They are not must haves. In reality you are going to find it hard not to be in the same room with your baby for a long long time. My son didnt even go into his own room at night until he was about 13months and was done breast feeding. And that is alot of time for the market to go up and for you to think about what you want to do. I know you want the nursery but trust me its nice to have the baby next to you. Especially right after birth, you are going to be sore and tired. So it will be nice not to have to get up and walk down the hall. Which doesn't sound like much until you have just given birth and have had less than an hour of sleep. So I would say your best bet is to get one of those co-sleeping cribs. Or convert an Ikea one and then convert it back once they are old enough to crawl or walk.

How To Convert 640SF Apartment to a 2-Bedroom? Good Questions
4/8/13 10:09 AM

I am going to say cozy. It always nice to have that extra pillow and a pile of books to dive into with the throw on the back of the couch so you can just walk into the room and ahhh.

Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/7/13 04:46 PM

I went to live in Japan for 3 years. It turned out to be 5.5 years. The whole time I rented this house. It was odd to me at first but it was in my price range and in a great neighborhood. And yes it was a house a rather large one at that. I know people think of Japan they think of tiny tiny living spaces but thats only really around Tokyo as far as I can tell. But this house....I didnt want to leave it. I love it to this day. right when you came in the front door, it was all tile. About the size of a walk in closet. A place to hang your coat and take off your shoes. The there was this step up into the house. And It was like a min platform and it had this beautiful wood work That in cased the platform and tiled area. It was kinda like lattice but made from rose wood and had a very nice hand carved design. Then when you walked through that doorway off wood work, you came into a very square living room. It had the kitchen off to the right the tatami room straight in front of you and stairs leading to the bedrooms and second tatami room to the right. Oh and there was a bedroom I used as an office on the corner between the stairs and tatami room. And the first bathroom was tucked under the stairs in such a way you had to know it was there or you would think it was a closet. It was an older house and it had some issues. But I love the layout. I love the wood work in it. I love the tile at the front door. It was kind of an ugly 70s brown color but it had these really cool 3d suns on them. It was so pretty in its own right. I would only change the cheap wood paneling walls. Or maybe just paint them white so it didnt look so dark. Omg and the windows! I had windows that were floor to celling and opened like doors but not like sliding glass doors. It was so nice to just walk out to any part of my outside living space. Not really a yard but like a wide cement path for hanging laundry that went all the way around my house. And the laundry room off the kitchen was attached to the garage. All in all the place had to be about 2000sq feet. Maybe a little larger. I would love to have that house here in the States. If I ever got the chance and had the finances I would ship the whole house here piece by piece. It had such a good feeling to it too.

The Home That Got Away
3/25/13 07:07 PM

Well to re-grout you have to remove the existing grout. Now normally you scrape it out or use special tools to dig it out with or some sort of power tool.I have seen my father in law use a few different tools but I do not know what they are called. When you do this you do run the chance of damaging your tile. Since you do not have a good idea of what to do, go down to your local hard ware store and start asking questions. Even go talk to a company that does tiling professionally and ask (you dont have to buy). Find out if there are things that you can do. Tell them the situation and just ask what they would recommend doing. DO NOT re-grout over the old grout. And here how to use a grout saw .
You are not actually going after the tile.

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Inspiration - #3 Renovation Diary
3/18/13 06:44 PM