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About once a week, I like to cut a lemon into four pieces and drop it down my garbage disposal. The citric acid helps keep it clean and the smell is awesome. And when lemons are around 3 for $1, a very cheap solution.

For my make-up brushes, I keep a bottle of organic baby shampoo to wash them. A bottle will last forever and it's great because the brushes are made of hair. I try to wash them at least a couple times a month.

Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
6/28/12 01:27 PM

Like someone said earlier, there are a lot of other places to donate clothes that may be able to get better use out of them. Here in Denver, we have an organization called CWEE (Center for Work Education and Employment). They offer a full range of classes for women to help them get better jobs. When women complete the courses, they get to choose three outfits from CWEE's "Boutique." Having a professional wardrobe is often a stumbling block for many women trying to advance in the workplace. Whenever I do closet purging, I always ask myself if someone at CWEE could get better use out of something that I'm just hanging onto. I find that a lot of clothes I hang onto are things that I might wear once or twice in the future, but simply aren't a part of my everyday wardrobe. Knowing that the clothes I donate may help someone get a job and succeed make it easier to get rid of stuff.

Things like T-shirts and more causal clothes go to Goodwill. And whenever I take a load of stuff there, I always look around the house for other items I no longer need. Purging is always such a great feeling.

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3/28/12 03:12 PM

Yeah, I couldn't find them on the site either. Maybe Apple made them take them off the site.

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2/14/12 01:41 PM

The books seem to be a real issue with me as well because many of them are art and design books that I will reference again. What I did do what donate every book that I can either get on Kindle for free (including my complete works of William Shakespeare that took up entirely too much space) or that I wouldn't mind going to the library to get if I should like to read it again. That helped clear out about two boxes of books and make room for an art/craft desk in my closet.

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10/25/11 04:30 PM

That is awesome -- you have a giant flux capacitor on the wall :)

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