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My thoughts exactly. This is a fabulous space and I would have set up two separate groupings; one in the TV area and one in front of the fireplace. I always wonder if the fireplaces are nonworking when I see that no furniture has been dedicated to it.

The only other comment I have is that it appears the dining table may be extendable and my mother always told me that I should keep my wood table fully extended at all times if the space permitted so that any fading of the wood from sun exposure would be uniform.

Rachel & Brian's Spacious Place House Tour
3/24/14 12:54 PM

their collections are so playful. ceramics are gorgeous. bakelite collection is awesome. just wish pics gave a little better idea of the layout of the space.

Sam and Nick's Dot House House Tour
7/16/13 11:42 PM

I don't see where you have identified the photo at the top of this post. As a former horse owner and all-time horse lover, that has to be one of the most disgusting and disturbing ideas I have ever seen. Is that why you have not included a link to this hallway of horrors?

How To: Decorate with Unicorns
3/27/13 08:10 PM

My sister spent years traveling the world as a dancer/singer on cruise ships and a European Hollywood-style musical review. At one point she broke her foot on stage in Germany and after considerable surgery had to fly home after a more than a year abroad. She ended up dumping all her possessions in a post office in Paris and literally having to decide at that moment what she would keep and give up. I always thought that must have been an agonizing decision both literally and figuratively.

How Much is Your Stuff Worth?
3/22/13 07:32 PM

Sorry, folks, but I think this conversation has gone way off the mark of the true meaning of the origin of the dish we call chili. Most obviously, the name of the dish pays homage to the central ingredient, namely chilies. There have been some great suggestions in the posts that have preceded this one but I think we are straying into territory that has nothing to do with the topic. I, however, will be sure to try some of the variations when I make my next pot of STEW.

How To Make a Very Good Chili Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/28/13 08:23 PM

Love both your lovely smiles and what you have done with your space. That said, being a person who loves my shelter kitty to bits, I do not love kitty feet or kitty butt on food preparation or serving surfaces. A little training might be in order here.

Jules & Henry's 'Modern Menagerie' Loft House Tour
10/24/12 10:12 PM

the house itself is gorgeous. not crazy about the muddy colors on the walls and some of the furniture.

Jason and Michael's Contemporary
Farm House House Tour

9/28/12 08:33 PM

Have to say I agree with you. Some of the design choices are puzzling but one thing I think shines through is the amount of love in this house.

Kathryn and Finn's "Designed-Around" BungalowHouse Tour
9/28/12 07:54 PM

P.S. Just saw the "handgrenade" post and have to laughingly agree.

The Power Of Paint:
My Lamp Before & After

9/25/12 09:20 PM

Gotta say I am squarely in the before camp. The after removes the design highlights and turns it into a dark blob. Kudos, however, for the attempt at working with what you have.

The Power Of Paint:
My Lamp Before & After

9/25/12 09:15 PM

This does not look like a place where any person actually lives. Even the brick can't make this place warm. I agree with previous comments likening it to a boutique hotel...comfy but sterile in a 30-day, high-end-drug-rehabilitation-facility kind of way. And may I take this opportunity to finally say how much I dislike subway tiles. To me they scream institutional spaces from old movies where mentally ill people get sprayed down with high-powered hoses for being unruly. Just a very cold and clinical feeling akin to sitting on an examining table waiting for the doctor in one of those silly paper gowns under florescent lighting watching your feet turn blue. Not that I have experienced any of those things, mind you.

Doug's Glam Triplex in Union Square House Tour
9/13/12 08:19 PM

Why do you suppose they put up a solid wall of siding instead of rails around the porches? With the deep overhang, I would think it would make the interiors rather dark. They also look too tall to see over if you are seated so I would not be inclined to spend cooler evenings rocking on the porch if the only view is a blank wall.

Frank Gehry's Make It Right Home:
Lily Lilac & Teacup Rose

8/13/12 07:11 AM

I think both rooms look good and if the quilt is now hanging to the right of the current arrangement, I won't concern myself with filling the space where it used to hang...less is more and it may be better to leave a little breathing room between styles. Is that a door to the left of the cabinet? Can't tell what the view is but for some reason it begs attention.

Decorating Over Time: One Room, 3 Years Later
8/7/12 08:16 PM

lovely lady power here. the open beams slay me. love the combination of the natural light peeking into the clean white palate warmed by just the right colors and textures. great job.

Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch House Tour
2/29/12 08:51 PM

will you please adopt me? i want to live in your house. lovely family, lovely home. beautifully curated collection of artwork and accessories. especially love the childrens' bedrooms. they are wonderlands of creativity and personal expression. only question; from the initial photographs it looks like you have to duck your head when you climb up the steps in the entrance area to the upper level. is this a photographic spatial distortion?

Guy & Karen's Modern Family Home
House Tour

2/22/12 06:37 PM

I like a good drink just as much as the next person but do we really need an article as inappropriately named as this one to try and convince people to drink more? :...ease you in..."? What in the world were you thinking? It sounds almost like a you are trying to convince someone into a sexual position that they find uncomfortable.

How to Drink Scotch: 4 Mixed Drinks to Ease You In
1/18/12 08:12 PM

Love this space. Sophisticated and whimsical. So what's with the framed triple over the bed? At first glance I was offended by the overt in-your-face nature of the gesture but then I realized that taken as a whole it becomes something both phallic and sculptural and as a graphic looks pretty cool.

Troy's 750 Square Foot "Crowd Pleaser" Apartment
House Tour

1/13/12 09:48 PM

i'm with janet uws...this is a lovely house with carefully chosen objects of unarguable pedigree (love, love the dining room) but i found myself using my finger in some rooms to obscure the one or two extra decorative objects that seemed to diminish the impact of the whole (pillows/cushions, wall art, mirrored objects)

Julie & Rob's Current Twist on Mid Century Modern
House Tour

11/5/11 05:36 PM