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While the ReadyMade folks might not love the move (if any of them actually opted to go), the Meredith digs in Des Moines are nothing to sniff at. The resources will be better. have you SEEN the WOOD magazine workshop? Screw hacking simple Ikea pieces--they can really step up their game in that space. and, you know, most trendoid crafty coastal types are middle Americans who wanted to prove they were destined for "better" things.

Creativity does not live solely in NY, SF and LA.

That came out snarkier than I meant, but not sure how to tone it down. Hell, I was part of the CH wreckage. I'd be happy to still have a job, people, DSM or otherwise.

Apartment Therapy New York | Shelterquake: Country Home Folds ReadyMade Moves to Iowa!
1/9/09 07:55 PM

I've never been moved enough to actually login and comment before, but I love this one. LOVE. Looks put together, well considered, lived in! This is insanely inspiring to me--finally, someone who has "addressed the bed problem" of one room living by playing it up instead of trying to shove it in a likely closet! Yay!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #11 - Lisette's Pied a Terre
4/17/08 10:18 AM