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Rather than storing leftover rice in the fridge, package it up and put it straight into the freezer. Even if its just over night, it helps retain all the moisture and heats up like a charm in the microwave. Day-old rice from the fridge is perfect for making fried rice though!

6 Tips That (Mostly) Cured My Fear of Cooking Rice
5/15/14 01:47 PM

My dad and I successfully did this on a fridge in an apartment I once rented. It was actually quite easy. Not sure if having water in the door would make that project more difficult.

Eleanor's Cure Project: A Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/8/14 01:39 PM

I think you could build some basic open-front cabinets to fit the slots. I picture the bottom area of these shelves being good for commonly used spices and the olive oil, and then the upper area having a series of slots for storing wine on its side (although heat from the stove may be an issue for this). Since only the very front edge of hte wood would show, it may be easy to match the cabinets.

How Can I Inexpensively Deal with the Exposed Pipes in My Kitchen? Good Questions
9/24/13 01:56 PM

I know the original poster said that the chairs were similar to the ones in the picture, but if they are the ones from the picture.. those originated from Sam's Club or a similar big box. I remember my parent's buying that dining set ~10 years ago.

How Can I Modernize Pressback Chairs? Good Questions
8/28/13 10:56 AM

When some good friends of mine had twins, I used to go over about once a week to hang out. While there I would often stuff the clean fillings back into their reusable diapers. They absolutely hated this chore and neither could stand the feel of the material on their hands and they figured everyone else would hate it too. It didn't bother me in the slightest and I was happy to do it while we sat and chatted. Also, whenever they took the kiddos in for bed, I'd put the living room toys back into the bins and they'd emerge back into an adult space. It helped a ton that everything had a dedicated home, and that it was open enough that I could see what it was and pitch in.

3 Tips For Keeping A Tidier House With A Newborn
7/29/13 11:46 AM

Thanks for the post. Reminded me that I'd been meaning to go through the registration process to volunteer with the local food bank. Did it, and am scheduled for the next available date!

The Dark Side of Summer: Children & Summer Hunger
7/26/13 12:51 PM

Also, did everyone just happen to have their passport with them?

How Spontaneous Are You? Heineken Offers Free Trips via Departure Roulette Co.Create
7/22/13 05:11 PM

I would 100% do this. Where are they going to be next? Let me play!

How Spontaneous Are You? Heineken Offers Free Trips via Departure Roulette Co.Create
7/22/13 05:09 PM

I'm curious, do you buy the salad and throw away the non-vegan salad dressing?

Help Me Find a Vegan, Gluten-Free Poppy Seed Dressing Recipe Good Questions
7/16/13 10:23 AM

As a native of Illinois, don't assume that a rural country road is 100% safe for biking. Often times they are used for farm equipment and for other traffic that isn't accustomed to bikers. There is typically no shoulder to speak off and a sharp drop off to gravel.

What's The Longest Bike or Walk Commute You'd Consider?
7/11/13 09:45 AM

Couchsurfing is a great way to travel. I traveled Europe for 6 months using almost exclusively for lodging. Traveling this way I was able to meet so many wonderful hosts and really got a more inclusive authentic introduction to each locale. Also a system based on reciprocity and graciousness, the amount of money saved on lodging was enormous. I highly recommend travelling this way.

Planning the Perfect Vacation: Tips For Saving Up For Your Trip
7/10/13 04:16 PM

You missed my favorite, it requires almost no hacking, but has a great affect!

10 Amazing IKEA Desk Lamp and Task Light Hacks
4/6/12 06:10 PM

I tried the Cook's Illustrated recipe that came out last month. It was my first attempt at homemade granola. It was delish but not quite clumpy enough for me and the clumps that did form did not survive as clumps in the backpack ride into work. It did pick up a little bit or a roasted pumpkin seed flavor from maybe being in the oven a touch too long. Next time I'm going to use their tips +grinding some of the granola +using some ground flax seeds.

How Can I Make My Granola Chunkier? Recipe Questions
3/8/12 04:01 PM

From an intereview with the artist (in German) from 'Zeit':

"All the subject were born in the '80s, exactly like me. This generation is the first in Sweden, who is in a worse financial situation than their parents. Critics describe them as extremely egotistical and materialistic in comparison to the previous generation"

Then the interviewer asks whether the artist has proven this with his photos, to which the artist responds:
"I can't really speak to that question, this project is not yet finished...."

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist
3/2/12 01:25 PM

If you can find cord to work, it is pretty easy to add the switch. Switches are typically found in the lighting section in the hardware store.
Here is a video on it:

Can This Offi Lamp Be Repaired?
Good Questions

10/26/11 12:17 PM

However, the room is charming.

Before & After: A One Day Nursery Makeover
Perfectly Imperfect

10/25/11 02:03 PM

For crib bumpers and what-not being such an apparently bad thing, they sure are pervasive here on AT.

Before & After: A One Day Nursery Makeover
Perfectly Imperfect

10/25/11 02:03 PM

Any suggestions as to how this soup might freeze?

Recipe: Roasted Broccoli & Cheddar Soup
10/25/11 01:32 PM

Whew! I think this 20min thing is something of a ruse. I got going on my 20min and next thing I knew I'd tacked on an extra 15 and finished cleaning the bathroom.

Day 1: Clean One Room
The 20/20 Home Cure

10/24/11 09:59 PM

From disassembling one of those old ones in college, I think this can be dangerous:, so be careful!

What To Do With Outdated Big Screen TVs?
10/24/11 09:07 PM