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To Giadig: If you think this is "apartment friendly" because it fits YOUR budget as the renter, it's no wonder you have not gotten your deposits back. ALL landlords know they must account for security deposits and provide the former tenant with an itemized list of deductions from your deposit, so what you may have thought was "prisitine condition" clearly was not. Yes, there are bad landlords but most are not. NO landlord wants to have to use the deposit because this costs the landlord time and money well beyond the deposit amount... it's time sitting vacant with work having to be scheduled and completed before it can be shown again and rented. Keep in mind, landlords are offering YOU a service, and most make ZERO profit while doing it, in fact quite the opposite. More and more landlords are getting fed up with the "investment" of rental property due to it being a financially draining, financially high risk, time consuming, thankless job. What will renters like you will do when most rentals cease to exist, and those that do are sky high due to supply in demand??? You and other entitled renters who share your views may want to get a major attitude adjustment before this happens.

As far as leases, every standard lease, even the most basic of leases, has a clause about making alterations. ALWAYS GET LANDLORD PERMISSION FIRST. This includes wall painting since a tenant paint job is not the same as a professional paint job. As far as holes in the wall for hanging things, no landlord is going to deny you hanging a few pictures on the wall of your rental to decorate your space. But if you put holes in walls, patch and touch them up when you leave. And excessive holes to the point the wall is damaged is never ok. The bottom line is: leave the rental in the condition you found it and you won't have a problem. Also, since there seems to be a difference between what you view as leaving a rental in "pristine condition" and what your past landlords have viewed as such, next time I suggest you request a walk through about 2 weeks prior to your move out date. The landlord will be happy to point things out to you so you can do the repairs/cleaning yourself before you vacate.

How To Repaint & Stencil Ugly Rental Vinyl Tile Flooring
Home Hacks

10/24/11 06:44 AM

I'm a landlord and I can tell you I would NOT be ok with this. As a renter myself, I definitely understand the rental linoleum being something one wants to hide, I feel the same, but that's what rugs are for. This horrifies me to see an idea like this given to renters without addressing the rules/ legal consequences of altering a rental in such a way. THIS COULD LAND YOU IN COURT AFTER YOU MOVE OUT. Interesting article as an alternative to the major expense of new floors in a home one owns. But in a rental, please keep in mind YOU DO NOT OWN THE PLACE, SO IT ISN'T YOURS TO MAKE CHANGES LIKE THIS. I've seen bad rental linoleum addressed in ways that don't permanently damage the rental. Putting down inexpensive bamboo slatted flooring mats and smooth stones around the edges to hide the entire floor to give a "spa zen" feel is an interesting one I recently saw featured in a VERY high end rental in NYC. If you really detest the flooring in a rental and can't live with it during your temporary time in a rental, there are 3 realistic options that will not land you in court after you vacate the unit:
1. Move to another apartment with flooring more to your liking.
2. Talk to the landlord about replacing and offer to split the cost. This will be cheaper than having to pay for a new floor when you leave, plus you'll get to enjoy it while you are living there. The landlord has the right to charge you for a new floor to be installed when you have permanently damaged it like this. And yes, it IS damage because this is going to wear down/ get scratched up and be a huge mess for the landlord to try to fix after you are gone.
3. Don't rent the apartment in the first place, rather find one with flooring you can live with happily during your time there.

Most landlords do not have the time or money to clean up a mess like this after you leave... and it's a horribly shocking and angering thing to walk in after a tenant has moved out and find something like this has been done to the unit. Being a landlord is a thankless, financially straining position which should be viewed differently than it often is. Please be respectful of the rental you are being allowed to occupy and of your landlord by talking to them first before doing something like this.

How To Repaint & Stencil Ugly Rental Vinyl Tile Flooring
Home Hacks

10/24/11 05:46 AM

I love all things JA and all things metallic. The hand chairs aren't my style but all the other rooms are FABULOUS. I covet the lucite bed and I love mixing silver, gold, lucite, mirror, lacquer for a room that sparkles. I have a small accent table with reclaimed wood legs I was about to sell, glad to find this article as it has inspired me to paint it gold instead.

Decorating With Gold
Jonathan Adler

10/23/11 07:11 AM