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Wow, bold move. Most times stripping paint uncovers nasty knots and ugly grain but this one is just exceptional. I can't believe they covered up such beautiful wood with such ugly paint.

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11/13/11 07:29 AM

I sure they took a long time to collect all those great pieces and I tip my hat to them. But this arrangement and level of saturation is just wrong. A lesser man might even say that it shows lack of taste. But I'm not such a man.

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11/13/11 07:24 AM

Haha, I registered for an account just so I can answer the question. The orange chair is by Eero Saarinen and it's called the Tulip Chair (1940). I guess it's technically modernist but I'm sure not everyone agrees. But there you go.

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10/23/11 04:36 AM