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It probably goes without saying, but the out-of-state tourists come in shorts anyway: San Francisco is not a really great California "beach" city for winter (or summer) unless you're a hardcore, great white shark-dodging, Mavericks surfer. But given that we've been unusually sunny without rain for months now, you're at least having a dry, temperate time in our town in January and February.

Winter Getaways: Off-Season Travel Deals
1/18/12 07:49 PM

These videos and the whole focus of Ikea's catalog theme this season has inspired me to recommit to small space living even as I transition from bachelor-pad renting to home buying. And guess where I'll be doing most of my shopping for my little <300 sq ft space?

Small Space Solutions: IKEA's Idea-Packed Videos
11/16/11 03:41 AM

You've got my vote when you enter Small Cool 2012 in the teeny tiny bracket -- which is the only division I care about. I'm inspired by your 180 square feet and makes me think the 240 I'll be moving into has a lot of possibilities!

Denis's "Vibrantly Restful" Room
11/11/11 04:44 AM

if you can, remove the weird lubricating strip that razors often have. Also, I've found that stretching the sweater taut over a hardcover book or something else flat and sturdy on the inside works much better than simply holding it down on a tabletop.

Use a Disposable Razor to Clean Sweater Fuzz
Mommy Savers

11/9/11 01:11 AM


The Duravit Sensowash: Best Seat in the House
11/7/11 10:47 PM

Reminds me a little of Glo-Worm from the 1980s. But for adult co-dependents.

Pillow Talk: Pillows for Long Distance Lovers
11/4/11 10:37 PM

Actually, this isn't a new concept at all in San Francisco, but it isn't a successful one either: Stitch Lounge was a place to drop in and sew in the Hayes Valley neighborhood, and the gals that ran it published a book on re-working thrift finds, but closed the shop after not so long. The SF Craft Gym was also a place to drop in for space and tools you might not own either, but that too is gone. On the other hand, TechShop has grown from its Silicon Valley roots and taken root in the old SF Chronicle building... it remains to be seen if the high-tech "makers" will keep it alive here.

Tienda Costura: Crafting by the Hour
11/4/11 05:25 PM

If you make a new, better-tailored cover, it might be an acceptable knockoff of the much more expensive BoConcept ottoman already discussed here in AT:
http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sf/beds-mattresses/another-look-at-boconcepts-ottomanbed-095786 .

I've been considering getting it as a bench for seating much more than for sleepovers, and I'd be happier to welcome guests on the more handsome BoConcept version than the camping-furniture look of the Wal-Mart offering.

Opinions on Sleeper Ottoman from Walmart?
Good Questions

10/22/11 06:26 AM