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While an effective novelty idea, just remember: Toasters are designed to pop up the toast when they're done. If you walk away while it's toasting, you're probably gonna end up with cheesy toast on your kitchen floor.

Lunch Tip from Jamie Oliver: Toaster Cheese Sandwiches
9/19/12 02:07 PM

My boyfriend and I have a little bar very similar to the one pictured. I find that when we host parties, people like to gather around the kitchen and although leaning at the bar is very common, the stools aren't often used. When it's just the two of us, we rarely use it. I do love how it opens the space though.

Are Bars Between Kitchen/Living Room Useful?
Good Questions

1/5/12 03:20 PM

This depends entirely on the look you're going for, but for nerdy touches I love thinkgeek.com. It has cute swag like ninja star push pins, floppy disc post-its, and the classic red Swingline stapler from Office Space. Definite conversation starters!

Sources and Ideas for Spiffing up Cubicle?
Good Questions

11/19/11 12:49 AM