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I had to move out to Seattle several years ago for work (have since moved on) but found the city hard to make friends in and oddly when I did make lasting friendships it tended to be with transplants.

10 Tried & True Tips: How to Make New Friends in a New City
4/2/14 09:35 AM

I would like to point out that buying an expensive crib might not be wise because even if it does convert and you think you will get 4-5 years of use from it your child may have other ideas. My daughter decided at 11 months she hated her crib even when we tried converting it (she knew it was still her crib)

Stylish Convertibles: Cribs to Toddler Beds
3/24/14 10:44 AM

When I sold my house I left the outdoor wood stacker, touch up paint, and shelving storage units and zippered wardrobe for the attic that I had used for storage, extra bathroom tile and wood flooring.

When Previous Homeowners Leave Useful Items Behind
8/14/12 05:21 PM

go to you can enter in the colors from the bedding and it will spit out the perfect complementary color for you!

Wall Color To Complement Bedding? Good Questions
6/25/12 12:41 PM

I am currently decorating the nursery for my expectant boy/girl twins and have had the biggest problems finding stuff I like. Most bedding was boring baby and too pastel for my tastes so I have gone with a simple design for their bedding that is stripes and diamonds.

I have had the added problem of finding designs that were unique to the gender while still matching the other gender's set but my mom happened to find these and they coordinate well. The girl's bedding is varying shades of purple with a green accent and the boy's is varying shades of blue with the same green accent which has made my decorating much easier. Its still not exactly what I wanted but after pricing fabrics to make their bedding myself it was just out of my price range (considering I have to buy for two not just one) and I wound up with these for only $30 each.

All the other decor though is being made by me or my husband however the mobiles I am making are still butterfly and outer space themed. But their dresser/changing table is the matching piece for our bedroom suite so that if they dont like it when the are older it can go to our room.

Children's Design Clichés & Self-Fulfilling Prophesies
5/29/12 11:31 AM

I have to say I keep my electronics boxes. Of course only those that I still have the electronics for. In the last 11 years we have moved 8 times. Its just the nature of going where the work is so having these boxes makes it so much easier when it comes time to move. We can just stick the iMac back in its box with its packaging that keeps it stable and then we dont have to worry about the movers damaging it. We do that will all of our electronics and thus far have had no breaks in those departments with movers as of yet.

How Long Should You Keep Electronics and Appliance Packaging?
1/11/12 11:43 AM

pictures! Do an art wall to add visual interest as well as lots of color!

Ideas For Adding Color to Brown Living Room?
Good Questions

1/10/12 12:00 PM

Amy Butler makes one that is two sided, its slightly more yellow but might work for you

Where Can I Find a Quilt Like This?
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10/20/11 09:48 AM