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This is where lamps can really make a difference. By using table lamps (eye level lighting) on an end table or two by the sofa this creates a warm glow. Forget the ceiling light, it is for getting into and out of the room only - not spending time in there. If you hang artwork, IKEA also has some great picture lights which will add another level. Good luck!

How To Lighten Dim Apartment? Good Questions
7/10/12 09:24 AM

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than staying in a decor challenged hotel room. You know the hotel cares about you as their customer when they update and keep their rooms stylish and clean. Great spots!

Hotels with Happy Modern Style Design Style Inspiration
7/9/12 07:58 PM

Well done, it looks like a home not a set or a catalog. I love how Joshua's personality is available in the decor choices. Lovely!

Joshua's Vintage Daydream House Tour
7/9/12 07:54 PM

Super cute idea for a kid's room or play area. Keep it fun!

Giving Good Face: Masks As Wall Art
10/20/11 09:38 AM