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maraschino cherries were the first that came to mind. also "blueberries" in blueberry muffins.

my mom told me when she was a kid, margarine was white and came with a yellow dye that you had to mix in. so bizarre. naturally, she and her brothers fought over who got to perform that task when their mother brought home margarine. (I later learned this was the result of the dairy industry trying to limit their competitor from releasing a yellow spread)

America's Most Frequently Dyed Foods
9/12/13 04:12 PM

Zucchini sandwich! roast it in the oven (don't be afraid to let it get a bit brown and crispy), put on bread or in a wrap with goat cheese and a bit of balsamic. Seriously, one person can eat 2-3 whole zukes this way.

10 Things to Do with Zucchini When You've Lost All Hope Recipes from The Kitchn
9/9/13 06:30 PM

I think it looks really great, but am surprised it was $10k. Even with the appliances, that seems high. I'm guessing they subbed out the work? Either way, I think they made some nice choices.

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Eek to Chic on a 10k Budget
8/8/13 11:58 AM

What perfect timing. I have a baby shower to attend and we've been asked to bring a favorite children's book. I figure all the classic books will be chosen already, so these might really come in handy!

15 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books Ever
8/5/13 06:48 PM

I think a lot of these comments are right on. Start with paint and window treatments. You can find tutorials on "fake" roman shades which would be a good solution for the window over the sink. A backsplash would not be free, but would be a nice addition to the kitchen space.

I'm tempted to recommend painting the cabinets, but that might just be my personal preference. And then I would also say you should add molding at the tops of the cabinets if you're handy with a saw.

How Do I Get Expensive Looking Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget? Good Questions
6/17/13 01:56 PM

Another yay for Oakland! And a cute little nook of an apartment!

Caitlin's Treetop Daydreams Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 04:19 PM

If you're not going to close the door to the closet, is it still a big fire hazard thing? I mean then isn't it just more like an alcove that is part of a bigger room that has windows?

I live in a 1 bedroom house with my husband and debate between giving up our dining room for a nursery or using our closet, when the time comes (if we aren't ready to move at that time.)

Creating Nurseries Out of Closets Renters Solutions
3/28/13 03:22 PM

This is funny because I have a phobia of eating rotten food and yet I like funky cheese, like blue cheese. I always say it's because I only eat rot if it is "on purpose". I wonder if this qualifies? Also, is moldy cheese always safe to eat? Is there any kind of cheese that would be dangerous to "age"?

How To Age Your Cheese: Let It Rot The Cheesemonger
3/27/13 03:58 PM

I never thought I'd be one of those people, but I actually really like the before! That said, the after is fine too.

I have to assume they gutted the house because there is a door and big room where there once was a wall and a window (as far as I can tell).

Kitchen Before & After: From Awkward and Boxy to Radically Open Kitchen Remodel
2/12/13 03:26 PM

I thought No Impact Man was good too.

Also Food Inc, Food matter, Forks over Knives... Actually, I can't remember which is which anymore, but I love watching new food documentaries. Thanks for the recommendations!

10 Terrific Food Documentaries To Stream On Netflix Tonight
2/12/13 03:20 PM

I was born in SF, but my parents moved down the peninsula by the time I started elementary school. I guess this problem is not new.

I now live in Oakland and work in SF and watch coworkers move out of town (usually out of state) every single time they or their partner has a first baby.

On the plus side, I can recruit friends to the East Bay (which I really do like) whenever they get ready to have babies. :-)

San Francisco: Most Restaurants, Most Hills, But Least Kids
1/31/13 03:54 PM

I also thought "Telephone Pictionary!!" when I saw the heading. It is easier to do with scraps of paper and pens, although I've seen the store bought game similar to this also.

I have played the famous people game too, but it caused way too much tension when there were generation gaps between the two teams. So mix it up if you do that!

Party Intelligence Gathering: What's Your Favorite Party Game?
11/14/12 04:24 PM

I'm totally making a poster like that for my husband. Love it!

Jennifer's Seattle Craftsman House Call
11/12/12 02:09 PM

Although our furniture is different, this room looks so much like my living room, including the wall color! Needless to say, I think it's a fine choice. :-)

Daryl's "Natural Neutrals" Room Room for Color Contest
10/15/12 03:58 PM

This is an interesting point. I live in the Bay Area and skipped all this last weekend too. Even if the events all sound fun, you have to pick and choose to keep a balance. Otherwise, you'd be too exhausted to enjoy what you choose to take part in.

I am, however, marking my calendar for Oaktoberfest and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass next weekend! This week, maybe I'll lay low.

Urban Guilt:
Are You Making The Most Of Your City?

9/27/12 03:42 PM

reading this makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong. frozen leftovers are such a letdown. never a choice i would make above fresh cooking.

maybe its because we don't eat freezer friendly dishes, but we only reluctantly freeze food so it doesn't go to waste. i would much prefer not to have leftovers at all. also, we only use ice cubes when we have guests over.

really, the most important items in my freezer are liquor and ice cream. and i've got plenty of room for those. lol

Short On Space? Why Even Apartment Dwellers Should Consider a Chest Freezer
9/27/12 03:38 PM

I keep a water gun (filled with just plain water) in our fruit bowl. If our troublemaker kitty jumps up on the counter, I pick up and gun and he gets down before I have to squirt him now. Or he climbs higher. His hangout spot is the top of our cabinets. That doesn't bother me though.

Oddly, our other cat has zero interest in the kitchen counters.

How to Keep Cats off Kitchen Surfaces
9/17/12 03:58 PM

I've never heard of this method. My first thought it that there is no consistancy with pan sizes. I always follow the "1 part rice, 2 part water" rule.

Cooking Rice: Do You Use the First Knuckle Method?
9/13/12 05:06 PM

I know most people recommend shopping as rarely as possible (and doing a lot of planning), but I find buying just what you need for the next few days makes it easier to adapt to changes and without a packed fridge, things rarely get forgotten.

When I do shop for food, I try to buy things that will allow me to use up whatever is still in my fridge first.

5 Ways To Combat Food Waste At Home
9/10/12 05:41 PM

As others have said, they work well in recipes which call for green peppers. I've made stuffed peppers with them that turned out well.

Sadly, they lose their beautiful color and turn light green when cooked.

What Can I Do With Bitter Peppers? Good Questions
8/21/12 11:17 AM