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I just generally get cash from my bank in the US before I leave the country. I might not get the best exchange rate and there might be slightly less expensive alternatives, but in the grand scheme of things those fees are minimal compared to the overall cost of my trips and getting the cash here before I go is one less thing to worry about. I will exchange it back to US currency, when I return, depending on how much I have left over.

10 Smart Money Tips for International Travel
6/12/14 01:58 PM

It's been a few years, but I think I paid around $100 for installation plus delivery for a dishwasher from Sears.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Dishwasher?
6/5/14 09:09 AM

I, unfortunately, shared a bedroom with 3 younger brothers. I would have LOVED to have my own room.

A Genius Parenting Move for Small Space Living Comment of the Day
6/5/14 08:36 AM

About $600 for a 12x16 deck :)

How Much Did It Cost to Build Your Outdoor Deck?
5/29/14 08:15 AM

I use Alton Brown's technique. I put the dough in a container covered with some plastic wrap, then put it in the oven (cold). I put a pan in the bottom of the oven and fill it with boiling water then leave the dough to rise (with the oven door closed) until it's ready. I move the dough to the counter top, then preheat the oven (or shape & let rise again with a fresh pan of hot water) and bake.

Help! Why Won't My Bread Rise? Good Questions
5/14/14 12:46 PM

I flew to Australia to buy a ceramic Ned Kelly Armor sculpture (well I was on vacation also, but one reason for my second trip to Oz was to buy one of those sculptures at The Rocks Market in Sydney ;) ) Aside from that, I think the most expensive piece I own is a glass Anglo Saxon style mask that I bought at a gallery in Nashville. It was around $500.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on Artwork?
5/8/14 12:25 PM

As a very proud Southerner, I have to point out that the "grand ole south" doesn't have a monopoly on "stereotypical attitudes" and bigotry (as is evident in your post). Furthermore, we are not all "living in the dark ages"- There are even plenty of conservatives that are socially liberal *GASP*

What Does It Really Cost to Live in

8/28/13 11:22 AM

Finally! Mine are just now starting to get ripe. I couldn't wait and bought a couple of quarts at the farmers' market on Saturday.

Fig Season is Here! Do You Like Figs Sweet...or Savory?
8/28/13 08:26 AM

very nice! I finally bought myself a KitchenAid mixer earlier this year and I've been very pleased with it.

Professional 6500 Design Series Stand Mixer from KitchenAid
8/28/13 08:23 AM

I would just try to find a paint color that coordinates with the doors and trim- rather than removing them (and having to figure out where to store them) or hanging something on them or sticking something to them and risk damaging them- unless you're prepared to pay for that when you move out.

Temporary Solutions for Doors that the Landlady Loves? Good Questions
8/27/13 09:28 AM

haha don't worry about what people think- if you like it, buy it!

Marvis Cinnamon Toothpaste
8/27/13 08:14 AM

I canned another 25 pounds of tomatoes on Saturday and vacuum-sealed 15 pounds of frozen farm-raised catfish that I bought at the farmers' market. I made fassolakia from fresh green beans, new potatoes and tomatoes as well as roasted a mix of brussels sprouts, zucchini, and bell peppers. Oh, and I cooked a pot of turnip greens with garlic and onions on Sunday.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of August 24-25, 2013
8/26/13 08:34 AM

nice job!

Before & After: Shaun's Lovely Living Room
8/22/13 10:07 AM

I use quart and half-gallon Mason jars to store things :) They work great and are (best of all) CHEAP!

Elana Amsterdam's Paleo Pantry Pantry Peek
8/20/13 01:41 PM

Look at getting a counter-top halogen oven for roasting and baking- or even a toaster oven (though I think the halogen oven is more versatile)
When you're not using it, you can store it under a bed or in some other place so that it's not on the counter all the time.
Get used to shopping every day or two and buy just what you need for the next couple of meals.

What Are Some Good Tips for Cooking in a Tiny Kitchen? Good Questions
8/19/13 09:53 AM

Oh, and to answer your question about the term "superfood" making something more appealing to me- No. It immediately conjures up an image of a loud-mouth announcer on an infomercial claiming that if you eat this berry/vegetable/tree bark extract/whatever you will live to be 150 and not look a day over 33.

Is There Actually Such a Thing as a Superfood? Food News
8/14/13 09:26 AM

I am so tired of these sensationalized labels that people put on food (and everything else). If you want to be healthy, eat a variety of whole foods. If you're allergic to something, avoid it. That's all you have to do.

Is There Actually Such a Thing as a Superfood? Food News
8/14/13 09:23 AM

I'm looking forward to my figs getting ripe. My tree is about 12 feet tall and covered with green figs. I noticed yesterday that a few are starting to ripen... hopefully when I return from vacation I'll see a whole lot of ripe ones. :)

Why I Love Summer: Fig Foraging in a Friend's Yard
8/2/13 12:40 PM

In defense of the North Carolina government, that $200,000 would not go very far in helping the 170,000 people affected by the cuts mentioned in the article you posted. It's a shame that people are having their benefits cut, however that increase in funding for the High Point Market is nothing to get riled up about.

Where You Grew Up Matters to Upward Mobility Design News 07.23.13
7/23/13 12:13 PM

Are you buying US Farm-raised catfish? Also, do you know how fresh it is?

Recipe: Southern Fried Catfish Recipes from The Kitchn
7/22/13 01:25 PM