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I had my kitchen walls painted orchid til last year. I loved it, no one else did. Now the walls are a greenish gray and the cabinets are a grayed out green-blue. It looks pretty great and is a real switch.
I LOVE COLOR, pretty much all of them.

Radiant Orchid Interiors Inspired by Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year
12/6/13 07:26 PM

It really came out beautifully! I love your breakfast room, super cute and comfortable. Good luck with newbaby.

Meg and Josh's Mudroom: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
11/29/13 02:07 PM

Abby. You can't put the Flor in the washing machine but you can take them out and scrub them with soap and water! They look great afterwards and dry very quickly which is why I like it in the bathroom.

Where to Find 2x6 Bathroom Runner Rug? Good Questions
11/11/13 01:05 PM

I see cool stuff in my local,(N.CAL.) Salvation Army store all the time. You just have to be willing to check it out once or twice a week.
About the chairs, I'd say do them how you want. Painting a painted chair is no crime. The wood chair with a rough finish might be helped by going over it with a fine 3M scuff pad. That would take out small scratches and grime and even up the surface. Then put on something like Howard 's beeswax and orange oil. It looks like it might be varnished because it's a little shiny so maybe paste wax would work better.
Enjoy your cool finds!

How Much Work is Too Much for Vintage Designer Chairs? Good Questions
11/11/13 12:56 PM

I've used Flor squares in my bathrooms, kitchen and sunroom. They are super durable, have their own non-slip backing and come in a lot of colors and patterns. I would highly recommend them for a bathroom.

Where to Find 2x6 Bathroom Runner Rug? Good Questions
11/8/13 04:33 AM

Anita, your stone wall is gorgeous! Ambers is oppressive. Too much big rock. I guess I would try and get rid of it as it fills me with dread and fear of being squashed.
Put a robot on it is the best suggestion yet.

What Can I Do to Make My Giant Fireplace More Contemporary-Looking? Good Questions
11/2/13 01:35 PM

We have designed, built and remodeled a couple of houses and have friends who have also. Everyone of us thinks having some kind of design professional is very helpful in coming up with the most cohesive plan. An architect, draftsman or contractor can help you visualize the best use of your space and point out problems you might never think of.
When we added on to our current home, we had a plan of what we wanted to do. We took our idea to a local architect who gave us a whole different concept which turned out so much better than our original plan.
Working on houses is expensive. You don't want to spend all that time and money and not get it right.

Where Do I Start with Home Remodeling Plan? Good Questions
11/2/13 01:14 PM

That looks like a gas fired heater. It is not a radiator. It also looks old and not safe, apparently venting through the old chimney flue. I would strongly encourage your landlord to replace it with something more modern and SAFE. In the meantime get a CO detector.
I know rents in S.F. are crazy but you got to be safe in your home. To hell with how it looks.
Good luck

How Do We Disguise (or at Least Minimize) Hideous Heater? Good Questions
10/20/13 09:47 PM

Christine and Pierre, I'm so relieved to see you kitchen getting back together. Your whole remodel has been so arduous, I was beginning to get nervous. It looks great and I'm sure you'll be more relieved than me when it is fully functional.

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Time for Tile Renovation Diary
10/20/13 09:30 PM

I far as I can visualize this room, Bo.placebo has the right idea.

How to Arrange Dining Room Turned Living Room? Good Questions
9/30/13 01:27 PM

So Kristen, whatcha you gonna do? Obviously this bathroom got a lot of people excited but I'm not sure all this attention has been helpful to you. Good luck and have fun.

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/29/13 03:06 PM

I had forgotten how much I loved the apartment in photo one, which was in House Beautiful a couple of years ago. I wonder if I wasn't channeling it when I painted my living room a similar color, a shade lighter last month.
I used Benjamin Moore " Da Vinci's canvas". It's amazing how much better the art on the walls and the furniture look.

Paint Color Profile: Mustard Living Rooms
9/21/13 02:10 PM

There are paints for ceramic and glass at hobby stores I used to paint a couple of very beige lamps I liked the shape of. Once I figured out a technique and got the color right, they looked pretty good but not exactly glazed.
I wouldn't mess with this lamp but I think it looks cool as is. Hang with it a while and then love or leave it.

Retro Lamp: To Paint or Not To Paint? Good Questions
9/20/13 01:25 PM

I've actually found some good fabric sources on eBay! I bought a rustic linen for a sofa slipcover, sunbrella for breakfast nook cushions and vintage Japanese fabric for pillows. Most outlets that are selling new fabric by the yard will send you samples. It's a little time consuming but you might want to check it out.

Upholstery Fabric Suggestions for the Vintage Chairs I Love? Good Questions
9/17/13 02:06 PM

I must say again that this bathroom is so right for the period of your home and I would try and take it back to the thirties. It will cost a ton and be a huge production to have all the tile removed and a total remodel done, especially in the Bay Area.

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/13/13 10:29 AM

I actually kind of love this bathroom. That green tile really is pretty. I'm in the paint the walls a white with no yellow, replace the shower door, vanity, sink and faucets camp. It's pretty great.
Have you checked out Urban Ore and some of the other salvage yards in the East Bay?

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/13/13 09:12 AM

The area we live in has so many of these massive stone fireplaces. They often look like somebody just threw an enormous pile of rocks up and glommed them together with as much cement as it took. The stones are rough and become giant dusty spider houses plus I always feel like they are going to collapse on me.
We were house hunting a few years ago and I kept seeing these stone piles and trying to figure out how I could ever deal with them. This is a pretty good solution. Thanks

Before & After: A Funky Fireplace Gets a Facelift
9/13/13 07:23 AM

Subjective opinion follows: bad art on a tee shirt can be thrown away, bad art on your body is forever. At some point in the future there are going to be a lot of people with wrinkly blue smears all over them.

ExtInked: Tattoos With a Purpose The Gardenist
8/21/13 01:29 PM

You could build an L shaped form that came up above the level of the broken top material and fill it with white resin. You would have to pour several layers to get it up to the same level as the top because it shrinks as it drys. When the resin is cured you can remove the form, which could be made out of thin metal or maybe coated thin cardboard like from a shoebox, and then sand the resin with very fine sand paper to match your top surface.
It will not be an exact match as far as color and texture but will look much better if you are careful and do a precise job.

What Material is this Mid-Century Table Top? Good Questions
8/21/13 01:17 PM

ABOUT THOSE SMOKE ALARMS THAT GO OFF RANDOMLY. They need to be replaced. Hard wired smoke alarms have a shelf life and when they start going off for no apparent reason, you've got to get a new one.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/17/13 01:07 PM