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I'd love to see some exterior views of what is obviously a very classic architect-designed house. Also more interior views. I love the windows.

Lora & Frank's Hollywood Hills
Circa 60s Home House Call

8/4/12 05:09 PM

Loved it, especially the tiny garen areas and the succulents. But everything was just perfect. Have not seen a Chemex coffemaker in a long time!

Tyler's Bright Bungalow in Silver Lake House Tour
7/24/12 08:32 PM

Just my taste. I didn't know you can use beige and gray as a color scheme. I am all in favor of kitchen cabinets with a high gloss front. So easy to keep clean with wipes. Over all, the textures are just amazing, as is the scale. I personally like to use a touch of Greek antiquity in each room when possible, to remind us of our cultural roots, and to provide a slight suggestion of the Jane Austin housing era. Of course, I am not advocating stealing bits of the Parthenon.

Long Island City: Modern Living at the View Showhouse Tour
7/16/12 10:29 AM

Loved it. Perfect for seashore without being trite. Love the gold color on the walls.

Katie's Charming Venice Beach Bungalow House Tour
7/1/12 05:03 PM

I don't like the blue theme for Philly, altho it might be great in Southern Cal. Lots of rainy days in Philly, and I would want something lots sunnier, especially i n a row house, where windows are in short supply. I would also want some strong horizontal lines, which I think are the key to row house erstoration and decoration. In South Philly, which has such roots in the Italian (and my) community, I would establish a Neapolitan theme, with some Italian modern mixed with some Louis VI Neapolitan version - the fluted leg. I would go light on the furniture woods and neutral on the upholstery. I would use tile which suggests Italy, likewise the dishes. I would use a rug with an oval medallion, since the house has too much rectangular geometry. I would lighten up the floors to a pearwood shade.

Tim & Sara's South Philly Setup
House Tour

6/4/12 05:01 PM

It's a nice clean look. The basic cottage has good bones. As an attorney I don't like he Americn flag hung as a wall decoration. That's not what it is. Maybe a print of a Jasper Johns flag would be more appropriate...

Sean & Sara's Minimal Americana House Tour
5/14/12 03:58 PM

Love the glazed tile. This is a nice tasteful home. Warm looking ad welcomng. It's a shame the garden is not a wee bit larger!

Maurice & Todd's Old Chicago Electric Substation Loft
House Tour

5/5/12 03:39 PM

In a dark cave-like basement we painted the cement floor a glossy pale green. We put our old kitchen cabinets down there and painted them white. The laundry machines are while. It's looking good, but I want to add brighter lighting, which will be fluourescent. P.S. - that where we have our copy machine and fax/printer set up. We sometimes do art work there. too.

Before & After: Laundry Area Goes from Messy to Fab Potluck Love
5/5/12 03:29 PM

The inside of the house displays a nice unity of style - except for the paneled doors, which I would change or eliminate. But there is a lack of that harmony between the interior and the exteror which is essential to good archtiectural design. In fact, the exterior is pretty bad, with wrought iron trim and bars on the windows. Did I also see some "gingerbread" on the outside? Maybe you are about to do over the exterior - I hope.

Mark Maček's Modern, Warm & Woodsy
House Tour

4/27/12 10:47 AM

Love the master bedroom, but on the whole although the art is nice there is too much clutter - too many objects. Too hard to keep clean. Not enough serenity. Every home needs serenity sooner or later.

Molly & David's Lovely & Lively Home House Tour
4/26/12 09:47 PM

With very beautiful windows, you can skip the drapes. But these windows are ordinary, not beautiful, and they needs draperies or cutains to improve their proportions. Please give this a try. it can be done very inexpensively.

Jeff's Resourceful Remodel Home Tour
4/24/12 11:28 PM

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10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room
4/24/12 11:23 PM

Has anyone tried the mew Tide Pods? I have, and I am really pleased. They seem to work well on things that are pretty dirty, leaving them clean, freesh, and kind of conditioned. I always hated measuring, so I am sold on Pods.

50 Easy Laundry Tips and Solutions
Country Living

4/24/12 11:12 PM

This did not appeal to me. I did not like the mix of industrial and cottagey. I did not like the rugs. I would have used bold color, larger fewer wall hangings, and so forth.

Katrine and Peter's Boston Loft House Tour
4/24/12 12:18 PM

Dabito the place is fun and lively, but isn't it a little too potch-keyed? I would prefer too see a little more unity.

Dabito's Modern Meets Classic Mix House Tour
4/19/12 10:37 PM

Okay Danny you have great taste, but I have a few comments. The best of your apartment is your kitchen, bath, and bedroom. The kitchen is a stroke of genius, the bedroom too. But here's what I don't like - he wallpapers. In the photos it's a lettle hard to see exactly what the wallpapers are about, but I don't like them and I think you will soon replace them with something more substanital.

That said, you have doen a GREAT job.

Daniel's Eclectic Industrial Loft House Tour
4/17/12 08:51 PM

Very beautiful and it really looks like Pacific Coastal. I particularly like the paint colors, which seem well-adapted to the locale. Chesterfiled sofa is great but it might be hard to keep it clean.

Alison's Modern Rustic Mar Vista Home House Tour
3/12/12 02:57 PM

This house really interested me so this is my second post!

I think the wall colors are right for the place. Having lived in many parts of the country, I can say the light is different in different places, and that affects the color choice. The colors I have used in Nevada (pale green, peach, cream) I never would have used in my house in Massachusetts (off white with exposed brick walls) or my house in New Jersey (sandalwood, pale blue).

Getting the colors right for the climate - and for the exposure - NSEW - goes a long way toward creating a beautiful effect.

Without of course my having actually been there, I think these folks have hit it just right.

Jim & Theresa's House on the Venice Canal House Tour
3/5/12 06:24 PM

I was also concerned about the cooktop. Wouldn't it be better to have counter space on both sides of the cooktop?

I loves the whole house and the color schemes with one exception - that sort of Moroccan looking room with saturated color and a big "sunburst" on the wall seemed out of place, although it would be nice somewhere elese. It was just jarring with the rest of the house.

Jim & Theresa's House on the Venice Canal House Tour
3/5/12 01:21 PM

The architecture is great, and the color is wonderful. Here and there the furniture could be more distinctive. I love the drak floors.

Nicolas & Fabienne's Quirky and Colorful London Home
House Tour

3/4/12 10:39 AM