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I like the thought....but it's a little messily done for my tastes. The wavy nailhead would make me crazy!

Before & After: Hemnes Hack Gets The Dubai Treatment
3/3/14 12:44 PM

Agree with essentially everyone and have to pile on:

1. I like these posts but almost never finish reading them because of the annoying scrolling....

2. That's a loose description of "sculpture" and loose definition of "storage". If you can't access it, it's not good storage. And if it looks like a giant, messy, pile, it's not a sculpture IMO.

In Plain Sight: 10 Smart Solutions for Everyday Organizing
1/8/14 04:40 PM

If you dry on high, bed bugs (and lice) won't likely survive. If, like me, you dry most of your clothes on low or on the line then yes (!) they can survive.

5 Tips for Living Without a Washer/Dryer
5/20/13 01:20 PM

I think I agree with most of the commenters. All of my apartments as an adult have been sans-dishwasher but only one was without a washer/dryer. The laundromat was a 3 block walk, but I hated it. My husband and I are both avid runners, daily yogis, and camp often. After a tough workout or weekend away, I'd much rather spend my time recovering on the couch with some booze then schlepping my filthy running gear to the laundromat or packing dirt-covered outdoor gear into my scooter....even if that means I hand-wash my wine glass.

5 Tips for Living Without a Washer/Dryer
5/20/13 12:17 PM

Cool.,,but that second one, the precarious looking stack, how on earth would you go about getting at a book you need in the bottom/middle?

15 Ways to Store Your Cookbooks: Inspiration from Our Kitchen Tours
5/15/13 07:10 AM

I'm vegetarian and all my dinner parties have "culinary fireworks". I've seen a lot of better veggie options on this website. My last dinner party was a crazy awesome falafel bar with lots of greek dips, artichokes, and a bit lighter on the carbs. Just because meat is not the center, doesn't mean you can't have something special without just throwing bread at your guests!

Side note @ Diane Lee, If it was a vegetarian dinner party, all guests would have wanted veggie broth, not just vegans. Chickens are animals, after all! :)

Colorful & Casual: Menu for a Laid-Back Vegetarian Dinner Party Party Menus from The Kitchn
4/5/13 08:47 AM

I'm also not the biggest fan of granite. I think stainless steel looks awesome though.


In my opinion, if granite counter tops are the worst thing in the rental, you are doing awesome.

The Renter's Dilemma: Ugly, Ubiquitous Granite Countertops
1/12/12 02:19 PM

Agreed with making beer being a PITA. One of our good friends does it. It is all over his house. Seriously. Bottles on every horizontal surface.

Think it through before you give this.

I agree they are all stereotypical. I like the ipod speaker, but can't see my boyfriend using that shaving kit on anything like a regular basis.

A Gift Guide for the Modern Gentleman
11/22/11 03:37 PM

@ james, where do you get that these are made in the US? And even if they were, a few pieces of raw wood cut at an angle doesn't warrant a "price on request".....

I agree that these are pretty overpriced. Very cute ideas though and I bet you could fabricate or DIY similar things as gifts. Handmade by you is much more sentimental.

Gift Guide: 10 Perfect Presents for Small Space Dwellers
11/18/11 08:58 AM

I saw this on another blog and still have no idea why you'd do it. It's not a very cute presentation. Plus if it cracked, you'd have a gross mess.

Look! Brownies Baked in Egg Shells
11/16/11 08:55 AM

You live at home so you can do wahtever you want? hmmm, I don't really understand what this means.

I think it's not a very nice thing to make something just for yourself on a holiday meant for sharing and community and being thankful. How about just passing up the parts you don't like and contributing something of your own to the meal?

Simple, Seasonal Food Ideas for Thanksgiving?
Good Questions

11/2/11 03:01 PM

My Estonian boyfriend makes rosoljie or pink salad. Cooked beets mixed with sour cream, dill, herring, apple, etc. It's the Estonian version of potato salad and delicious!

Help Me Eat Four Beets a Week!
Good Questions

10/14/11 03:26 PM

dictionary.com does not make something a word...

Recipe: Double-Garlic Herb Garlic Bread
10/14/11 03:21 PM

I am also wondering how the second recipe only yields 16oz.....?

I understand things cook down, but this reduces the tomatos by almost half.

Make or Buy? Tomato Sauce
10/14/11 03:12 PM

This looks awful. Chewy, cold and congealed...blech.

Spaghetti in a Ring: Shape Your Pasta Before Serving?
My Recipes

10/14/11 12:42 PM