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So sad to see another pink bathroom go away! I am a big fan of the "Save the Pink Bathrooms" site. We have those peachy-pink tiles with aqua tile (!!!) accents in our mid-century main bathroom. I have a very chic home but the bathroom is a kitchy nod to the house's past. Found mid-century vintage barkcloth fabric on Etsy for curtains and even located a few of those Miller chalkware wall fish. That bathroom is "nice" for a (yawn) beige life.

Before & After: A Bathroom Goes From Pinky Peach to Sleek and Chic
5/29/12 01:55 PM

Domi-Noooo! I am sad they just repackaged the old. One of the great things about Domino was how fresh it was! I have never missed a magazine as much as I miss that one.

New Domino Quick Fixes Special Edition
4/18/12 05:49 PM

Fabulous! It is fun and bold. What a great transformation. I would totally pass over a drab, dated headboard when thrifting - kudos on seeing the potential!

Before & After: Thirft Store Reject To Tufted Treasure
Little Green Notebook

2/1/12 11:57 AM

I hesitated when I was obsessed with turquoise - I wanted to high gloss turquoise / aqua everything! That hesitation led to a small, carefully selected collection of cool letterpress artwork,- in mostly aqua/turquoise. In doing so, I must have saved myself from the skittle colored regency trend! WHEW! I did eyeball some of that on Etsy and think: ooooh...just one mirror maybe? And people that "decorate with books as props" instead of "display books they love" are not people I would want to have cocktails with. Humph.

Been There, Done That: Designers Weigh In On "Worst Trends"
Elle Decor

1/19/12 06:35 PM

When I moved east in my mid 20s, I purged all ikea and swore I was done with it. When I moved back west in my mid 30s...there was some ikea on the truck. What happened? Kids. :-)

See Ya Later Ikea: Out with the New & In with the Old
1/4/12 05:27 PM

Aside from the obvious Barbie issues, this seems like a collector Barbie, right? The price tag is around $50 which tells me that it is not geared towards the 3 year old crowd. I know there are a lot of collectors out there (although I am not one myself). As an inked mom, I have no issue with the tattoo. The impossible body shape? You bet. My girls are not interested in Barbies, although I have not forbidden them or anything. I am thankful for that.

The pet is awesome. :-)

What's Wrong With Tokidoki Barbie?
10/19/11 02:29 PM

I love (love, love) the New Orlean's kitchen. The retro table/chairs (but bar height?) is so awesome, I would love to find something like that for my kitchen eat-in place.

A fantastic neutral I am currently rediscovering is gray. I just painted my living room in Behr Premium "Silver Screen" and it is gorgeous in the eggshell. The walls look almost grey-blue in daylight and in the evening take on a silvery sheen. I am in love with the color.

Real Life Design Lessons: 10 Tips from Room for Color
10/13/11 02:21 PM