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Love the VW bus on the pillow. My husband is a huge car guy so I decorate with vintage car prints in order to bring more of him into our space. I also appreciate your thoughts about using family heirlooms to remember loved ones. That's a great reminder that we don't have to put up every photo, heirlooms are just as meaningful.

Amy's Vintage Modern Mix in Sacramento House Call
2/19/13 05:40 PM

To the adorable couple...I am in love with your home! It aesthetic reads that you're not taking it all too seriously. I wonder if that isn't THE key to good design. I think it might just be. ;)

Lori & Ken's Modern Calgary Home House Tour
2/18/13 07:25 PM

This could be a brave choice of wall decor for some but I think it totally paid off! What works for me is the simple furnishings and accessories that allow the wall paper to be the show-stopper. Love it!

Maker of this Bold Woodland Print Wallpaper? Good Questions
2/18/13 07:18 PM

Wow! Such an incredible, cozy, warm home! Great job! Love the juxaposition of the modern zigzag bowls with the antique chest. Genius. The orange and green/blue pallet in the kitchen...gorgeous! Love the window treatments...they don't detract from the beauty of the vintage windows. Truly the BEST home tour I have seen. Thank you Apartment Therapy for bringing us such inspiration!

Shelley & Reed's Creative Cottage House Tour
5/22/12 01:16 AM

I agree with @karen and ElectricKatie. I would also add to this that you should consider visual weight. The picture above has a lot of visual weight because of the dark color and heavy lines. You could probably add a larger dimension than a room would normally allow if the lines are very thin and the color muted or subdued.

Best Light Fitting Size for This Fixture?
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10/13/11 11:41 AM