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@fjordbrit - I thought that was strange as well. According to the kitchen department in my local Canadian Ikea the new Sektion line (as metod is being called in North America) was supposed to come out in February 2015. Not sure why they wouldn't show the new kitchen system in the 2015 catalog

10 Kitchen Ideas We Picked Up from IKEA's New 2015 Catalog
7/28/14 02:08 PM

Meh...if you like something then who cares if the trend is "over". I just installed yellow and cream chevron curtains in my living room and I love them.

Besides, just because something is super trendy on the internet doesn't mean you can't use it. Not a single one of my friends has a house decorated like mine so even though some of my items are indeed "super trendy" on the internet I don't know anyone else with them in real life.

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 06:54 PM

Looking great! It'll be nice to see art work etc go up to add a bit of colour.

As a person who's broken each foot ;) I wouldn't have had issues with the stair rail like that. I broke one foot while living on the fourth floor of a condo using the stairs every day and I moved my furniture with my husband into a house with a broken foot. You get used to moving around with it eventually.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Wainscoting Renovation Diary
7/24/14 06:50 PM

I don't know that I'd worry too much about the slipperiness of the tile. If it's a flooring tile I'm sure it has wet ratings etc plus I would assume there's going to be some sort of mat where you'd wipe your feet before stepping onto the tile. Lots of city halls, banks and malls use similar tiles with a shine (ie slippy factor) and they seem to do fine in the winters.

Since you didn't mention it I would suggest that you seal the marble (since it's a natural stone) and grout so that you don't get stains and the grout will stay white longer. You'll have to re-seal once a year or every couple years but that's not too bad for maintenance.

Looks nice so far!

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: New Flooring Renovation Diary
7/22/14 02:30 PM

*ketzel: as per the article... "the structure is reversible and the mattress can either be put on the bottom or on top as a loft bed"

Before & After: IKEA Hack Renders KURA Bed Unrecognizable...and Amazing Ikea Hackers
7/21/14 02:30 PM

@new in ny - The kitchen staff in my local Ikea store (Calgary) told me the new kitchen cabinets called "sektion" in North America were going to be available in February 2015. I can't imagine that the USA would be far behind if not before Canada in getting the new cabinets.

I'm holding off on my kitchen reno until they're available.

IKEA 2015 Catalog Sneak Peek: Stylists' Ideas Worth Stealing
7/16/14 02:52 PM

I love what you did to the room. It looks fantastic. I realize it's a bit bare and that you're still finding furniture etc. Over all it looks fabulous and it's an inspiration for my mid-century modest home. I was thinking of painting the beams (to be installed - yes, I'm going to attempt to add fuax beams. I hope they don't turn out horrible!) in my place white to match the planked ceiling but I think they'll go dark like yours. It just adds an extra dimension to the room.

@ome - I agree that hiding the plugs would be nice but relocating them wouldn't be possible since they restored the original wood paneling, they didn't put in new paneling. That would have left holes they couldn't fill easily.

Before & After: An Eichler Master Gets a Meticulous Makeover
7/14/14 12:17 PM

@miranar - Somehow I think it's worth the money for them to take a useless cat box space and actually make it something functional for their needs.

If you read the budget/description it shows that a majority of the cost is in repairs (electrical, structural, fixing the paneling, skim coating the ceiling etc) and flooring. All those things aren't cheap. If she decided not to use wall paper you can drop the budget by $1200.

Also don't forget these prices are most likely in Canadian funds and construction materials and labour are more expensive here in Canada than they are in the USA.

What is the plan with the window anyways? Are you leaving it inside the closet or actually boarding it up? If you're completely removing it area there extra costs associated with fixing the exterior of the building as well?

The Budget for Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/10/14 02:22 PM

If the wood paneling has been painted and stripped several times and has dings/scuffs/cracks that we can't see in the photos then I don't know what the fuss is about.

The paneling is obviously in worse condition than the photos show (photos are notoriously deceiving) so I'm in the paint the wood camp. I think it'll make a huge difference in the room.

I usually say paint the walls first or make other changes before painting paneling but they've already tried to lighten the area by painting the walls white (and they have a newer light fixture) and the stairs still suck the life out of the foyer so go for it and paint them!

I think most people will find it surprising that losing the window wont really effect the light in the foyer. They seem to be rewiring so I would guess they're going to add more lights to counter the window loss. Plus I think the white wood will make a big difference even without the window.

I'm looking forward to this reveal since I'm in Calgary and it'll be nice to see the winter storage solutions they come up with :)

Introducing Mike & Sandie's Foyer Renovation Renovation Diary
7/8/14 07:11 PM

@laurherm - if you have a larger bed you need to put extra legs in the middle similar to how a metal bed frame has middle support. If you don't add those your bed will sag. Some beds like a single wouldn't require the extra support

Try This DIY Project!: Turn an Old Box Spring Mattress into Stand Alone Bed Frame APARTMENT THERAPY READER PROJECT TUTORIALS
6/18/14 02:07 PM

I loved this tour on Houzz several months back and I still love it!

Peggy & Chris' Los Angeles Modern House Tour
6/16/14 02:30 PM

@Acrimonious Jess - or even if my questions are still in the cue they'll be irrelevant by the time they're posted. I get they can't post them instantaneously or at all (in the case of bad questions) but it would be nice to know what sort of time frame your question might be posted in. Any of the questions I asked were about a condo I sold last year :)

Good Questions Follow Up:
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6/12/14 07:24 PM

@Acrimonious Jess - I wouldn't hold your breath!

Your question might be in the cue to be posted but chances are if your questions are like the 3 or 4 I've sent in over the last 2 years they'll never see the light of day :)

I thought mine were good questions but ;) obviously they weren't!

Good Questions Follow Up:
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6/12/14 07:22 PM

Thanks Classof65!

Before & After: A Bright Yellow Bedroom Goes Shaker Chic
6/12/14 02:21 PM

Looks great! It really makes a difference in the space. I second the "needs a second coat" comment or there's something off with the colour in the inset. I think it would look better if it was the same colour as the boards.

I did a full wall in my bedroom using a similar technique (I use primed MDF door casing so I didn't need to get strips cut). It really made a difference in the plain bedroom. I do realize the picture is hung too high but I sold the condo Oct 2013 so it no longer matters! :)

Before & After: A Bright Yellow Bedroom Goes Shaker Chic
6/11/14 02:17 PM

Really nice, warm and clam space. I love the kitchen combination of wood and white cabinets and the grey tile. Where is the tile from? It would be great in the new kitchen we're putting in next year.

Ben's Spacious Simplicity Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 02:35 PM

Very unique, very eclectic and fun to look through. I think this would be a great place to visit as there would always be something new to find.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 02:20 PM

I just got some nice yellow/beige zig zag curtains from West Elm. They're a great weight and I got them on sale at $39/US a panel. Much cheaper than anything I could find locally

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Blinds, Shades & Curtains
5/30/14 01:51 PM

Really like your space and the colours! (great space invader!) Where are all the prints from?

Kary's Pocket of Mod Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 01:49 PM

Maybe they'll put a gravel base inside the garage or something. It does seem strange to me as well.

I'm still concerned their wall wasn't built correct (even if it's only 2 ft tall)

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Garage Goes Up (Mostly) Renovation Diary
5/29/14 06:47 PM