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Could you use almond oil?

How To Make Your Own Wood Polish
1/17/13 09:15 AM

I LOVE this! Writing a blog about it now.

Do You Swap?
10/31/12 11:27 AM

I have a business and blog called re-U. One of the things I help my clients do is clear out clutter and create systems to keep order! I was very interested to read this post. I've read/or looked through the unclutter your life in one week and the Real Simple organization books. I honestly think reading a book is not going to solve all your problems. Sometimes you just need the help of a professional. If you are a naturally unorganized person until you develop systems to keep yourself organized it will be a continuous battle. After reading these comments I'm going to have to give "Fly Lady" another try. I went to her site a while ago after a friend recommended it and I couldn't get past the design. I will look again!

Reader Roundup: Add Your Picks for the BEST "Get Organized" Book
1/17/12 10:54 AM

Love the ideas expressed here. I wrote a very similar article on my blog months ago - this article it more concise and well put.

Live With What You Love: Rethinking Sustainability
12/20/11 09:52 PM

Really enjoyed reading this article and all of the comments. Very enlightening & encouraging.

Why Sustainability Is Boring and Merely 'Consuming Less' Misses the Point
12/20/11 09:49 PM

I love Pinterest. I hope it stays forever. I've found so much inspiration there and like Kimberly above said - great blogs I've never been to before :)

Pinterest & The Green Community
10/11/11 07:16 PM